How do you make a CD-R disc auto run, please??

  Wak 21:37 13 Apr 2003

Hi, I'm thinking of burning a Family History program onto a CD-R which will comprise, a/. the Program itself, b/. the Data files, and c/. the Graphic files.
The Application Program can be started by double clicking the relative .EXE file.
Could someone please advise how I can make the application program auto-run when it is inserted into the normal CD-Rom Drive.
Would the first file on the disc have to be some kind of batch file????

  Wak 21:45 13 Apr 2003

Sorry for wasting your time, folks, I've just done a search (as so often suggested) and found some earlier info which seems to answer the questions.
Consider my wrist slapped.
Now gone to bed with no supper!

  Glyn-252301 22:06 13 Apr 2003

We will all forgive you as long as you post the answer.

Regards G

  Wak 09:28 14 Apr 2003

I'll tell you with pleasure.
I did a search for "autorun" in the last month and was offered "autorun cd" dated 15/3/03 in which Bremner pointed me to an old posting originally by Taran.
This posting tells you all about making an autorun.ini file and where to put it on your CD.
You can even download a Splashscreen program for your cd if you need one.
All forgiven now??

  Taran 09:50 14 Apr 2003

That old post is going to haunt me for years I'm sure.

The file is actually called Autorun.inf as opposed to Autorun.ini

I made a typing error when putting the instructions together.

If you create your autorun.inf file and point it to the Shellexe.exe file from WhirlyWeb at the following link:

click here

you can set the whole lot up to open all kinds of interesting options for an autorun CD.

If you have Windows XP, Microsoft offer a free add-on called CD Slide Show Generator from their PowerToys range. It's a tiny download and allows you to create an auto-running slideshow CD of pictures and so on, all from within the Windows XP operating system with no fooling around writing your own autorun files.

click here

Hope this helps, and sorry for the typo in that old post.



  Glyn-252301 15:37 14 Apr 2003

Thanks Wak, and of course you are forgiven, you have remined me of a project that will need an "autorun" facility so thanks for posting back.Thanks Taran for the links, glad we have folk like yourself to help us lesser mortals.

Regards G.

  Wak 15:28 15 Apr 2003

Thanks for the update, Taran, and I also second Youknowim's comment about the very helpful people on this site.
Much appreciated.

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