How do you lock a field?

  alfieb 23:12 08 May 2005

Now don't all rush out with the answer "close the gate first"!!
I have just designed a form on MS Word XP and want to lock the header design so it can't be lifted. Is there any way this can be done and would the same command work for any text or graphics filed?

  alfieb 23:48 08 May 2005

Sorry about this but possibly a bit more info may be of use. It is actually Word in Office 2003. I have designed a graphics header to go on the top of each page that I don't want anyone to copy. Had this happen to me in the past where I put a lot opf work into designing a header for a page and some kind soul lifted the design and got all the credit, and a little extra in their pay for their "efforts". So can anyone help with a way of locking the whole design in the header or footer...please!!!

  Number 7 00:53 09 May 2005

Not sure what you mean.

Access at work only, or away from work?

You can "lock" a Word document so it provides protection on a user basis- your standard office applications won't be able to copy it.

If your form can be removed from your workplace, and/or your colleagues have access to certain software, then they'll be able to remove the graphic.

  alfieb 16:51 09 May 2005

The document is on a work laptop that I bring home. I intend to use the document header, that has the graphics in, only to use on subsequent document production. For example let's say I have designed the "letter head" for J Bloggs & Sons and every letter or form I produce has that "logo" on the top but I don't want that "logo" lifting by any third party to use as their own design. Can just the Header graphics field be copy / paste disabled so it can't be used elsewhere and, say , modified? Is that a better description for you?

  pj123 17:04 09 May 2005

I'm not sure what you mean either.

Why would someone called Smith & Co want to lift a logo called J Bloggs & Sons.

I have made quite a few logos for small one-man bands (including me) but unless they have exactly the same name there doesn't seem any point in "lifting" the logo to use for themselves?

  pj123 17:09 09 May 2005

Serif Software have a programme called Logo Designer (or something like that).

Now suppose 200 people all choose the same design but with different wording. Is that "lifting"?

  Diemmess 17:12 09 May 2005

Sympathise with your wishes, but assuming the form is to be filled in on screen I know of no way that you can prevent "editing" a copy of your design.

Even if you converted to a locked PDF which would not be editable, there is still the possibility of scanning the paper print. A watermark of any use would impose your name on the document which presuming again, is not really yours to copyright, and would look odd to a third party reading it.

It must be hard to lose the credit but what you do in work time for your employer is really his property. Next time, take your work to the head "seeking approval to use it", then everyone knows what's what.

  alfieb 17:19 09 May 2005

Ok. Thanks one, and all, for the speedy response to my query. I understand all of your comments and will think this one through. Cheers

  Number 7 17:30 09 May 2005

As I've said, you can prevent a user using Edit Copy/Edit Paste to copy the logo.

What you need to do is set the document up as a form- the various options are on the Forms toolbar, including the Protect Fields option.

You can protect the sections of the document you don't want a user to have access to, and leave other sections open to allow them to enter data.

When you've finished you must select Tools> Protect Document and select Forms.

If you fiddle around in Word you'll soon find out what I'm on about, choose something simple first and experiment with the protection options, then move up to a document.

There's no 100% sure way, that I know of anyway, to fully protect a Word document against someone determined enough to "crack" it using software that's not too difficult to find.

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