How do you install wine on Linux?

  keith-236785 09:25 05 Jul 2005


i have Mandrake 10.2 LE as a dual boot with Winxp, i am trying to install wine on linux so i can ditch winxp for good (i have one game which i have paid a subscription for and has 200days left and i need to run it from windows) i want to see if it will run via wine, if so its bye bye M$....i am struggling though. i am a newbie to linux and need help, i have downloaded wine and can access the files but i dont know how to get it to install. i have tried right click and run terminal from here and tried to enter commands but as i said, im a newbie and must be doing something wrong....i did get it to run through the setup once but it exited with an error message, i cant get it to run again to see what the message was.

any help would be more than welcome.

i also seem to be having trouble setting up my canon smartbase mp360 printer/scanner/coppier, there are no linux drivers available for the scanner/coppier but the printer is setup as a canon s300 although the print seems very poor (printer is very quick compared to windows though)

i have looked for linux drivers for the scanner but didnt find any, i have tried to setup the scanner manually but mandrake reports no scanners found.

thanks, keith

  octal 10:20 05 Jul 2005

If I might suggest, don’t ditch Windows entirely, but dual boot with Linux.

The reason I say this is that running Windows games in Linux via Wine you will have difficulty, in fact it probably won’t work at all, especially if you want to use the joystick, which isn’t even well supported in Linux.

I don’t know much about Mandrake 10.2 LE, is it a free one? Normally if you purchase one of the distros they come bundled with all the software you require including Wine, at least my Xandros did, so that saves you hunting around trying to find software till you get more used to loading programs and using Linux.

As much as I love Linux, drivers are a problem, it could well not be supported, hence the reason you can’t find the drivers.

I will pass on one little tip, if you dual boot Windows XP and its formatted in NTFS Linux cannot write to NTFS it can only read it. If you make up a small FAT32 partition you will be able to share files easily between to two systems because Linux and Windows can both read and write to FAT32


  keith-236785 12:07 05 Jul 2005

thanks for that mate, i already dual boot winxp and linux.

it was a free downloaded DVD version of mandrake, on inspection it appears to be 10.1 not 10.2 as i put earlier.

the game in question is Isnooker an online snooker game, it is purely mouse driven so wont be a problem but i have e-mailed the authors and they have no intention of doing a linux version. so i wanted to see if it would work via wine.

im already aware of the driver problems and am willing to get a new scanner that is supported in linux if needed.

thanks for the help anyway.

  keith-236785 12:07 05 Jul 2005

ps. im off to work soon, be back around 10-30 so wont be able to answer till then.

  woodchip 12:11 05 Jul 2005
  octal 13:06 05 Jul 2005

Did you download the RPM file for Wine? I'm not sure if it is as easy on Mandrake as it is on mine, I use Debian files (DEB) and to install it all I have to do is double click on it and it installs just like an EXE file on Windows.

Reading the bottom page of this site it does look like it may be the same click here

  woodchip 15:06 05 Jul 2005

That's what it does on mandrake

  LastChip 16:10 05 Jul 2005

click here for a list of printers that work, partly work and don't work in Linux.

Not sure how up to date the list is though.

Epson don't support Linux at all, but some drivers have been written by the community and the printers listed work.

HP however, have seen the light (perhaps they think future) and have supplied drivers for some of their printers.

Many Lexmark Laser printers work, but few of their Inkjets.

You should also note, that whilst not being a "walk over" compared to Windows, there are applications built for Linux that will take over some of the functions of specific hardware drivers. Kooka for example, is an application that may be able to use your scanner. It has built in character recognition and many of the features that "normal" bundled software would provide.

Sadly at PCA, there is a dearth of quality Linux contributors, not through anyone's fault, that's just the way it is. Some of us know a little, but this is a vast subject that you only get to know through use and time. click here for a site that offers a great community, will not belittle you and has a far better knowledge base on Linux matters. They also have distro specific forums, with knowledgeable people that can help you.

  keith-236785 22:57 05 Jul 2005

ok, Octel & woodchip, thanks but im not sure what i did wrong i downloaded the file wine-20050524 and double clicked it, nothing not having much luck with this at all

Lastchip, thanks for the list of printers supported, unfortunately mine isnt listed (canon smartbase 360) but i can get it to print using a S300 setup.

i will check out koola when i find it lol and also take a look on the community site but it will be tomorrow now b4 i can do that.

thanks once again folks, im going to try downloading it again just in case i got a faulty download last time.


  keith-236785 23:21 05 Jul 2005

ok folks, here i am again

it seems i had downloaded the tar of an alpha developers version (don't ask)

i have now downloaded a RPM version of wine and when double clicking on it it installed without proble, now by right clicking in the folder and choosing a terminal i can try to start a windows app. now comes the next hurdle, i tried two old style game and both said unable to start vbrun300.dll ....should i just give up or is there a chance of getting round this.

maybe i am trying to do the impossible.

anyway, i am going to tick this as resolved but please feel free to chip in again if you like.

thanks once again for your help.

  octal 07:10 06 Jul 2005

Try giving it what its asking for, collect the DLL file from here click here and save it where you can find it and unzip it.

Then open file manager, click on View at the top and click Show Hidden Files. Navigate down the tree to the Windows folder, as in this picture click here then in the Windows folder navigate to the System folder and drag and drop the DLL file in there and run the game again and see what happens.

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