how do you find website e-mail address

  Smokeyone 12:41 24 Aug 2007

Are there any clever ways to find a website e-mail address please. The co website has a enquiry form which has compulsory fields to complete - most of which I do not know the answers to.
Wondered if there was a way to find the plain e-mail address.

  Technotiger 13:08 24 Aug 2007

On most, if not all, commercial websites there is usually a 'Contact us' box or button, but other than that I do not think you will find any with a direct link email address. Though I might be wrong.

  jasjas 13:19 24 Aug 2007

I don't know if it will work, but you could try doing a google search. Type the name of the company and the @ symbol, that should take you to a page in that companies website where there is an @ (hopefully it will be the companies email address)


  Smokeyone 14:19 24 Aug 2007

No luck, but thanks for trying to help.
The contact part of the page opens one of those multi question forms with compulsory fields.
I could guess the answers but when I find out the meaning of the questions (it's technical)
it would would not create a good impression.


  palinka 14:49 24 Aug 2007

you could try [email protected] etc, etc.
Or [email protected] etc.
or support@.......
or some similar "name"@whatevercompany

If you scroll ight to the bottom of any of the company's web pages you might find a similar email address in the small [and usually very pale]print.

  jasjas 13:16 24 Sep 2007

If you want tell us what the name of the company is, we might be able to find something out ;)

  Batch 15:10 24 Sep 2007

If you view the source (right click the page and select view source)of the web page you can sometimes find the email address embedded in that. Try searching for @ in the source.

  interzone55 16:32 24 Sep 2007

Many companies have gone to these contact form type pages because of the huge amounts of spam you get when you list email addresses on a page.

Most companies will have an info@ or sales@ email address, but it could be that nobody will read mail sent there.

Can you not just ignore some of the questions on the form, or enter na or something?

  pj123 17:10 24 Sep 2007

What do you mean "The co website has a enquiry form which has compulsory fields to complete - most of which I do not know the answers to."

It can't be that difficult, surely?

What is the URL to the website in question?

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