How do you do click here?

  happylady 00:50 06 Jun 2006

I know this has been asked & answered already on this forum but I've read through it all & don't understand a word of it. I don't know what URL is or even know what copy & paste is. I'm asking this not to post a message here with "click here" but for other times when I'm using the internet & want to do a shortcut of this "click here".

Please I needs some basic responses, written in simple ABC language.

  brundle 00:55 06 Jun 2006

Copy and paste a link or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) exactly as you see it in your Internet Explorer address bar. You can select the whole thing and paste it into an email , or a reply here (the forum software will automatically convert it into a `click here`).
To copy and paste, click the left mouse button while the cursor is over the text in the address bar, it should all appear in reverse, or light text on a dark background - click your right mouse button once, and select Copy from the menu (or press Control and C), now go into whatever program/document/webpage etc you wish to paste the URL into, click the right mouse button once on an empty area and select Paste (or press Control and V).

  ashdav 01:01 06 Jun 2006

A URL is a web address. You can copy these so that when someone clicks on them you are immediately connected. This is known as HTML.
To do this put your cursor over the address (it's in the box at the top of your browser screen) do a right click and the option COPY is shown.
Click on this and that URL is saved (into the cursor if you like).
You can then put that URL where you like by doing the same right click but then select PASTE. The URL is "pasted" into the space where your cursor was.

  ashdav 01:03 06 Jun 2006

must learn to type faster

  happylady 01:12 06 Jun 2006

Ashdav - I touch type extemely fast, that's not the issue. When you're in a forum & everyone else is using "click here" you kinda feel stupid if you're typing in long URLs.

But thanks for your information. I'm still not familiar with the term "paste" but I think I have an idea of what it means. I'll try & have a go at it using your instructions. Once I've figured it out, I'll be well chuffed!!

  spuds 08:34 06 Jun 2006
  bosmere 09:18 06 Jun 2006

happylady, ashdav was referring to his own slow typing because he was pipped to the post with his answer by brundle ;-))

  p;3 23:13 06 Jun 2006

you may also find it useful to have two web pages open at once; to do that simply press the ctrl and the N keys on the keyboard and a second screan will open; you can then select the URL"s as described above and copy and paste them into the work you are doing; in this forum when you put the URL in the response it appears as that until you have clicked on the "post response" tab at the bottom of this box; on other forum thigns may work differenty ( for instance, another forum I am on I can make a different word out of the URL because of that forum"s makeup; it may depend on where you are as to how the URL will present itself ( I must admit it took me a while to be convinced of the clikc here method for this forum))!!

I guess there is nowt wrong with your trying out the click here on this thread and perhaps linking other "safe" web pages for practice?

this next click her goes to a completely different page just to show you

click here; (it links to a topic on food); I achieved this by having two web pages open together and linked the other page to this by copying and pasting the url from there to here; try it for yourself and see?

  ade.h 23:35 06 Jun 2006

You can right-click a link to copy its target URL as well. That is often the quickest route to getting a URL. For example, if I want to direct someone to another thread in another section of this forum, I will just right-click the link for that thread rather than actually opening the thread and having to select it from the browser's address bar. It also works with bookmark entries. I wish I could make a video capture to show you what I mean.

  ade.h 23:48 06 Jun 2006

Right; I've just spent the last few minutes working out how to use Windows media Encoder to capture what happens on screen and save it as a WMV file! I did what I described above and I have a file which I can upload to

There's no obligation at all, but if you would like this video clip, send me a message via the yellow envelope icon so that I have your email address. I will need that so that Dropload can email you with a secure download link.

  nosmo 09:32 07 Jun 2006

add to my post

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