How do you defragment your computer

  geek84 18:40 20 Nov 2010

Hi Folks

Could someone please explain how to defragment your computer? What is the purpose of this and how long does it take?

Also, how often would you need to defragment your computer?


  Clapton is God 18:50 20 Nov 2010

We'll need to know which OS you're using before explaining how to defrag as they each have a slightly different way to run defrag.

The purpose is to ensure that your files and folders, which become 'scattered' (or fragmented) all over your HDD over time ,are brought together on the HDD. This is so the PC doesn't have to hunt all over the HDD to find a particular file or folder and, thus, it usually results in a slight increase in speed.

How long does it take? As long as piece of string. It depends entirely on the size of your HDD and the number of files and folders you have, The bigger the HDD and the more files and folders you have, the longer it will take to defrag.

  sunnystaines 18:53 20 Nov 2010

this site gives a lot of good info and good tips for defrag.

it is also free, I use it having tried many others.

[was originally recommended on this forum]

  sunnystaines 18:53 20 Nov 2010

click here

the link i forgot

  Paddylad 19:04 20 Nov 2010

Depending on your OS clivk Start>All programs>Accessories>System Tools> Disc Cleanup and clean your disc before defag. Then using the same route go to Disc defrag. The time it takes depends on the amount of clutter.
You should do it at least once monthly

  Paddylad 19:05 20 Nov 2010

OMG I was going backwards

  Jollyjohn 19:14 20 Nov 2010

Download JKDefrag or MYDefrag as it is now known click here doesn't matter which os you are running

  john bunyan 19:28 20 Nov 2010

There is a built in defrag, but I prefer Auslogics Disc Defrag. Very much quicker than the windows one.
PS also free
click here

  sharpamat 08:00 21 Nov 2010

I find the easy best.
click open your computer from desktop
highlight the drive
Righclick select tools
Select properitys/ tools select the job and follow the promps
Rember when defrag the main a restart is required and it will then start on reboot

  rdave13 14:24 21 Nov 2010

I vote for 'MyDefrag', as recommended by sunnystaines and Jollyjohn.

  spuds 20:28 21 Nov 2010

Perhaps worth a mention, but it can be rather slow defraging a computer if you have other programs running at the same time, like anti-wear.

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