How do you create a 4-page leaflet?

  Sussex Dodo 15:00 14 May 2009

I'm running Office Ultimate 2007 and have got lost and confused in the Publisher software. I just want to create a simple A4 folded (one fold) leaflet with four pages of information as a handout at an exhibition. Nothing fancy, just a simple template will do so I can cut and paste the info from other Word docs and ClipArt. Publisher is giving me a headache. Any help very gratefully received.

  Michael_R 16:25 14 May 2009

I don't know if this will help. I don't use publisher. I just produce a 4 page leaflet in A4 in MS Word and then in my printer properties I choose Page set up A4, Booklet Printing, Printer paper size A4 and it automatically selects double sided printing. This will produce an A4 (one fold) leaflet. I am using a canon Pixma IP4300 which does double sided printing. I know this does not answer specifically your question but it may be an alternate solution.

  Marko797 16:40 14 May 2009

OK, try this in Pub 2007. New brochure, select A4 Portrait 10.5 x 29.7 cm. Insert/Page/default at 2 pages, default after current pages, click OK. That should do what u want I think...a slimline, A4 portrait brochure with 4 pages.

  Marko797 16:42 14 May 2009

select any brochure, then page set up, then select A4 portrait 10.5 x 29.7. Effectively halves the width but maintains the height.

  Sussex Dodo 17:02 14 May 2009

Thanks Marko and Michael. I've sussed out how to do the printing thing and it works (I've a super-duper printer). The problem I have is I have to produce the four page to-be-folded doc and e-mail it to someone else to produce. I don't know that they have a similar up to date machine. Daft question Marko: should it be A4 LANDSCAPE - thus producing four pages of A5? My fault, I didn't make it clear in my question. <smile>

Can't thank you both enough for your help. I'm working to a tight deadline.

  Marko797 17:18 14 May 2009

sorry misunderstood, I thought u wanted a tall A4 4 page brochure, rather than a fat one.Might be slightly different then. Try this, new A5 Portrait brochure, insert/page/default 2/default aftr current page. Each page now A5, = 21 cm high, but 14.8 wide, which is half of the A4 sheet. Do a test page to check.

  Marko797 17:19 14 May 2009

might be wise to pdf, just in case recipient doesn't have pub 2007.

  Michael_R 17:58 14 May 2009

I use this free pdf creater. It becomes a printer to choose in your printer name options. click here

  Zaphod 3 20:55 19 May 2009

We do this all the time at work, any half decent printers or copy shop will have the software, if not I would recomend to do as Marko797 says and pdf it. I would say it is best to leave it as A4 pages though.

  wee eddie 21:38 19 May 2009

So it will not be quite the same.

Try Publication Type > Blank Publication > Should give you lots of ways of setting up an A4 Sheet.

  johnincrete 06:55 20 May 2009

I've used PagePlus for many years because, although it has many "professional" features, it is dead simple for all the things I do.
Regularly I start with A4 landscape, put a guidline down the middle & copy/paste from Word or insert text file if its all in one Word document. Print properties, duplex with short side stapling (don't know what it means but it works!).
They have a folded A4 template that presents you with an A5 page and automatically adds pages as you need them.
And anything can be exported as PDF but warn the receiver to select the right print options otherwise they will get single side A4

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