How do you connect 2 XP PCs with a data link cable

  drzoom 19:59 09 Jul 2009


I've recently purchased an Acer Aspire Netbook running Windows XP Home Edition. I'd like to connect it to my main PC also running this operating system.

I've bought a USB to USB data transfer cable (for XP machines, not one of the newer Vista to XP ones) and installed the Superlink software that came with it.

Whe I first plugged the cable in to both the PC and the Netbook, it was detected by Windows and installed Genelink File Transfer Driver in Windows device manager.

According to the very basic instructions I should now be able to run the software and drag and drop files between the two computers. However when I run the software I get an error message saying "Device Not Loaded". The software should show the drive details of both the main PC and the Netbook, however it only shows the details of whichever PC you have the software running on.

I could just go back to using my memory sticks to transfer files, but I'd like to get to the bottom of the problem.

Any help would be much appreciated,


  mgmcc 21:24 09 Jul 2009

As you have a "Netbook" and a "main PC" both running Windows XP, do they not both connect to a router for their internet access? If so, then they are already "networked" and capable of sharing folders and printers without the need for any additional connections.

Alternatively, provided both have an ethernet port, they can very simply be networked by connecting them directly with a *crossover* ethernet cable and without the need for any additional software.

I'm not familiar with the USB to USB links but do you perhaps have to set the folders that you want to have available over the "link" as Shared as you would with a conventional Windows network? Do Firewalls need to be configured to allow access as they would with a network, although this would only be the case if the connection was running over TCP/IP protocol.

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