How do you Close and Open Port

  Lozzy 19:07 25 Mar 2004

I have undertaken a security scan in Syamntec and it tells me I have some port open, after upgrading to Norton Internet Security 2004.

They are
Port 1025 with the program definition of Unused Windows Services Block


ICMP Ping. Ping is a network troubleshooting utility. It asks your computer to acknowledge its existence. If your computer responds positively to a ping, hackers are more likely to target your computer

port 22 SSH. TCP connections to this port might indicate a search for SSH, which has a few exploitable features. SSH is a secure replacement for Telnet. The most common uses of SSH are to securely login and copy files from a server.

Port 80 HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). HTTP is used to transfer Web pages over the Internet. Port 80 should be open only if you're running a Web server.

My question is How do I close these ports?? I have got the box enabled to stealth all ports.

Thanks in advanced

  igk 20:16 25 Mar 2004

Go here and do a scan its gibson research,they have freebees that will close these:
click here
Hope this helps.

  Lozzy 20:40 25 Mar 2004


  TommyRed 20:42 25 Mar 2004

I did a scan from that gibson research link 'Shields Up' I think it was called. It showed 2 ports open, I was able to close one but 1025 remained open using Outpost. I changed to Zone Alarm free, scanned again and it was stealthed. So changing your firewall also can help. HTH TR

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