How do you clean inside the computer?

  James H 13:37 01 May 2003

Afternoon everyone

As you all know, when you open up the base unit it can be very dusty in there. What is the best way to give it a clean without risjking dmage to any components?



  Dearersteak 13:42 01 May 2003

The best way is to get hold of a can of compressed air. You can find these at any good computer store. (NOT PCworld, I said GOOD pc store). Maplins would be a good Bet, click here Use this to blow the dust out of the case, and try to get the dust away from any fans.


  Mankster 13:47 01 May 2003

Can i take it your another satisfied PCW customer?(LOL)(TIC)

  DieSse 14:46 01 May 2003

However you do it, do it outside - you'll be coughing for ever more otherwise.

  tbh72 14:50 01 May 2003

I use the trusty old Dyson DC08 - BUT be forewarned it help's if you pull the trigger on the handle to reduce the suction..... The MOBO get's angry when you suck the battery out!!!!

Actually, I do use the dyson, but it doesn't get close to the components. I also use a small paintbrush.

  -pops- 15:01 01 May 2003


I disgree about the Dyson - or any other vacuum method - all too easy to see a small part disappearing up the pipe and getting mangled in the cyclone. Not particularly MOBO batteries but smaller things like jumpers.

I use a can of air or some other blower in the delicate parts and a long hair paint brush on fans and heatsinks.

When you've finished, check all the connectors are still where they should be. Quite a few of the problems that appear here are due to connectors having become dislodged for some reason or another.


  struggle8 15:25 01 May 2003

I agree I use the missess hover had no trouble up till now is sertanly gets out all that dust

  struggle8 15:26 01 May 2003

re spelling mistake HOOVER

  Belatucadrus 16:17 01 May 2003

A hover Hoover, I remember them ! can't say I've seen one for a long time though.

  1514 17:30 01 May 2003

Belatucadrus, I certainly haven't.

  Paranoid Android 17:42 01 May 2003

Woah ! Using a mains vacuum cleaner inside a PC is EXTREMELY risky. Have you any idea how much static the hoses on those things generate ?

Pain brushes with nylon bristles can also be risky, for the same reason.

Definitely stock to air, preferably the 'dry air' in compressed air cans designed for the purpose. Get one that can be used inverted or you risk spraying propellant all over your PCB.


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