How do you centre web pages?

  VNAM75 01:07 01 Mar 2008

I'm using NOF10. When previewed, the page contents are shown on the left which is how it is by default in design view. The only way I know is to drag all the contents and objects one by one in to the middle of the page, but of course this is very time consuming and not accurate.

For example, PC Advisor, the Guardian, the Times have their page layouts centered. (I think most sites do - the big ones anyway)

  lukus 01:22 01 Mar 2008

</CENTER>before and after all content, should work. Just tested it and it seemed fine.

  VNAM75 01:25 01 Mar 2008

Are you using netobjects? It doesn't allow you to edit the code. I was hoping there was a simple way to do it in design view.

  Kemistri 01:39 01 Mar 2008

click here

In NOF, you can change your layout to a dynamic layout from the Tools menu (Site Options?), which then allows you to check the option for a centred layout on the properties palette. That's how it was done waaaay back in NOF 8, anyway -- I dropped WYSIWYG a long time ago, so I'm working from a very hazy memory. If you're building a table layout instead, then you would make a 100%-width table with auto width for - say - the leftmost and rightmost columns. Then they can resize dynamically while the remaining columns do whatever you set them to do.

But tables are not good things to be building websites with.

In case anyone is interested, the modern CSS way is to specify auto left and right margins for your main parent div if you're using a fixed-width layout, or to specify % widths for the divs in a dynamic layout.

  Pesala 09:26 01 Mar 2008

Check the box that says "Center in Browser."

In design view, the layout is always left aligned in the window. Nothing you can do about that short of changing the zoom level or reducing the size of the NOF window.

  VNAM75 11:55 01 Mar 2008

Thanks a lot Pesala. It has centered the web page. I think it looks a lot better than being on the left. Do you know where I can buy nof10 in the UK? It doesn't say on their main US site.

Kemistri, I couldn't follow what you was saying because I'm quite new to web design but appreciate you haven't used nof for a while, but thanks anyway.

  Kemistri 14:52 01 Mar 2008

Don't worry if you couldn't understand the final paragraph: that was written on a more general note for anyone who may benefit from it.

  Pesala 19:37 01 Mar 2008

Do you know where I can buy nof10 in the UK?

Try click here

  VNAM75 19:56 01 Mar 2008

Amazon don't have it. Not even version 8 or 9, only version 5. Their website has a number for outside US sales, 0049.... - I think thats Germany. Will call them on monday.

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