How do you Avoid Antivirus 2009

  Border View 16:33 16 Jan 2009

I have been reading the posts about this nasty. I want to avoid it at all costs. Is it associated with particular web sites? Might help if we are warned how to avoid.

  provider 2 16:41 16 Jan 2009

SpywareBlaster seems to have worked, so far anyway. There are several Antivirus 2008/9 items in its restricted list:

click here

  Border View 16:47 16 Jan 2009

I have SpywareBlaster but it doesnt work with Opera. I use both Opera and IE. In the main Opera. Does this mean I should restrict myself to the slower IE?

  birdface 16:52 16 Jan 2009

Normally Websites.It happened to me a couple of times opening websites and it happens that quick you have very little time to close the program.pressing ESC might get you out if not hit the red X.Since then I have run AVG and the resident shield should stop them from getting through.I also have A Squared with background guard running.And so far have had nothing trying to download on my computer since.Also maybe a good Firewall will help as well.If they manage to get past your Anti-virus make sure that you have a couple of good Anti-Spyware programs already downloaded.Malwarebytes free and Superantispyware are 2 of the best all the extra security programs may make your computer run slightly slower.But better safe than sorry.

  birdface 16:57 16 Jan 2009

Spywareblaster will not stop the likes of Antivirus 2009 I have it and it still got through.I would still keep Spywareblaster on my computer.

  provider 2 17:00 16 Jan 2009

As buteman says, and in support of the prevention better than cure idea, Spybot S&D Immunise function ... don`t know if it works with Opera, though.

  User-1229748 17:04 16 Jan 2009

i've got away with it by not clicking any pop up and hitting restart on my lappy,when it's restarted all is ok.i've been reading about this nasty today and it seems most think that hitting cancel will stop it downloading which it obviously does exactly the opposite.

  Border View 17:17 16 Jan 2009

Do we know where its coming from. Is it particular web sites? Should we be careful if e-mails?

  rdave13 17:17 16 Jan 2009

Spybot does immunise Opera. The thing to watch out for is, if you're browsing and using a search engine and you suddenly get a pop-up for AV 2009 then, don't click the pop-up but right click taskbar and select taskmanager and close the browser.
Unfortunately some genuine sites can be compromised so any pop-ups with any warnings of security failure etc., do the same and 'end task' the browser. Will help to prevent these malware downloading.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:22 16 Jan 2009

You have no need to be worried if you exercise some common sense. It dowers not come form a particular or particular type of website so those who wish may continue to surf porn sites. You may receive a pop up asking if you would like a free scan or registry fix or that you have viruses. It is important that you do not agree to the scan or whatever. Once you agree no AV or antispy programme will stop the installation. However, if you are infected it is fairly easy to shift....provided steps are taken within a short space of time and malwarebytes seems to work admirably. I really would not worry too much and don't get paranoid.


  Border View 17:22 16 Jan 2009

Thanks for that rdave13 - didnt know about right click taskbar and taskmanager. Will be helpful, not just in this instance.

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