How do you assign keystrokes to one button?

  bludywoman 17:55 21 Jan 2005

Okay - me again! (going to be a pest on PCAdvisor now that I have discovered it!!!) I have read some of the other helproom questions, but cant seem to find what I am looking for....
Could someone please advise me how to 'record' a series of keystrokes so that I can just press one or two buttons for future, and the string comes out?..i.e. my email address, or even my home address for the top of correspondence each time. My husband cant type and as our email address is quite long - he is driving me nuts keep calling me over to type it in quickly!.....(he's a bit too long in the tooth to start typing courses now!) Advice greatly appreciated!

  VoG II 17:57 21 Jan 2005

Is this in Microsoft Word?

  VoG II 19:07 21 Jan 2005

I'll assume it is as I have to go out soon (Friday night Balti).

You need to use the AutoText facility. click here is a pretty good article on this and if you need more click here

  bludywoman 11:27 22 Jan 2005

ahhh VoG - we meet again!..Lucky bugger - I got to spend Fri night in Sainsburys!! - Mind you - minus all the kids - Daddy had them! (lucky man!)...anyway....soon as I get a chance I will have a thorough read of the articles youve mentioned....and if they answer my probs..then will close......Thank your for your response! p.s. Yes microsoft word....but would also like to assign my email address to a key for my hubby to be able to fill in web details from time to time.

  steve263000 12:01 22 Jan 2005

Apart from the auto fill function on the links above, if you are using Outlook Express for your email client, then you can add a message or signature to any or all messages. In Express, go to tools, options, then look for the message option. Toward the bottom there is a box for signatures. You can make any you chose, and have as many as you want. Type in say your email address for the first one, and then add another with your address perhaps or whatever you want. Then when you write a email, click on "insert" and choose the signature that you want from the choice.

  fsbb 15:12 22 Jan 2005

You need to assign a macro to one or more F keys.

Open Word
> Tools menu
> Macro
> Record New Macro
> Type name of Macro (or leave the default name) > click Assign Macro to 'Keyboard'
> enter shortcut key, eg. F2
> click close
> type the text you want assigned to the key
> click 'stop'
> close Word
> dialogue box appears 'do you want to save macro', click yes.

Repeat for other strings of text assigning different F keys. You cannot assign F1 as MS uses this for Help.

  bludywoman 16:38 22 Jan 2005

fsbb - you hit the nail on the head - this helps BIG TIME for typing letters etc. but it doesn't work on web pages......say like here for instance,...will look into what Steve263000 has to say and VoG (nice to know you leave the PC on the odd occasion VoG!).....Will look into all the above, many thanks for all help. :O)

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