How do u fit a memory upgrade in a Asus P4T-M Mbrd

  Giggle n' Bits 23:31 15 May 2004

friend asked me if I know how to upgrade memory on a medion with an Asus P4T-M Motherboard. So I said no problem as long as the memory is compatible.

I saw the board and there were 4 Slots, also looked at the downloaded Pdf and really confused now.

So my dilema is at present it has 4 of these slots and there is 64MB in one slot and another 64Mb in other slot with two of the other slots housing what looks like memory.

What he/me we need to do is fit 2x 128MB or 2x 256Mb of Memory in this board. Looks easy enough but which slot takes which and what are these other two things in the slots for ?

It is a Intel board and running Me. If you need more info please ask.

Medion model is Cybermaxx PC MT5 or PC MTS (MT62)
Asus board Rev. 1.05

  Robotic_Rob 01:45 16 May 2004

All 4 slots are for RAM(Memory)! So you shall find the other 2 are sticks of RAM as well. I dont know how much the motherboard can take in RAM, but i should think you can put the sticks of 128mb or 256mb in any slot.

Make sure you wear a wrist strap!! You pick you 100's of volts in static when you read the newspaper. And 1000's of volts in static when you walk across a certain type of floor(carpet i think). So one touch to the inside of your pc and you've got static built up and bang(or it wont go bang like but sh!), thats a bit of money down the drain.

  Life's-Good 11:43 16 May 2004

have a look to see how much ram he currently has in windows, and then work it out to see if the other 2 sticks are ram. If you dont have an antistatic wrist strap, then touch the metal casing should take away any static, works for me.

  Life's-Good 11:44 16 May 2004

lol? I think you're exagerrating a tad bit with the static.

  Eric10 12:02 16 May 2004

Just to make clear what I think Robotic_Rob is saying. This motherboard uses RDRAM (aka RamBus) not SDRAM or DDR Ram so you must get the correct RAM to upgrade it. click here# for a description and spec of the motherboard and click here for information on RDRAM. Below is an excerpt from the article of the second link which I think explains the two strange modules in your motherboard:

Another difference with Rambus memory is that all memory slots in the motherboard must be populated. Even if all the memory is contained in a single module, the "unused" sockets must be populated with a PCB, known as a continuity module, to complete the circuit.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:24 16 May 2004

FAO: Eric10, if I understand you correctly these 4 slots must all have something in them, so on a basis of slot 1 - Slot 4 say 128Mb in Slot 1 then slto 2 has a continuity module then slot 3 with 128MB and slot 4 with a continuity module

Bit like sticking a blanking plate or I/o shieled in to fill the gaps.

Take it i have understood you right Eric10.

Also thank you all for your call.

  Eric10 12:31 16 May 2004

I'm only going on what I have read but I don't think that it matters which slot has memory and which has the continuity module so long as no slot is left empty.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:37 16 May 2004

Yes I will/we will be wanting to fit either 2x 128MB or 2x 256MB as I now understand Slot 1 and 3 house the memory and 2 & 4 have the blanks.

Thank you

  Robotic_Rob 13:09 16 May 2004

Well its a big thing where i work. So it gets driven in to me, if we get caught not wearin a wrist strap we get a mini leacture off the boss.

And i wish i was exagerrating! Some geeky lad at work read this book(some electronic book) and it tells ya how much static is produced when doing day to day tasks. And those 2 are the only 1's i remember him tellin me about. I know they aint exact figures but its some where around those figure.

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