how do trojans get onto PCs?

  anniesboy 19:59 24 Oct 2007

I am running XP sp2 with Firefox ,I have Bullguard v7 which provides firewall and anti virus,also run (about weekly) anti spyware > Spybot/Superanti spyware/AdAware/ a squared? /Spyware Blaster. Plus CCleaner.All are updated.
This morning Bullguard found a trojan (trojan generic 58591) which I was able to remove with Bullguard.
My question is how do these things find their way onto the machine?,given that Ive not opened unknown attachments or visited suspect sites .

  Belatucadrus 20:17 24 Oct 2007

click here for the wikipedia page on them, which covers most points.
If you haven't opened a dodgy mail executable or clicked on a dubious website. then the answer is probably a corrupted download with hidden payload or maybe a false positive from Bullguard.

  Forum Editor 20:24 24 Oct 2007

writing about trojans - it's a complex subject, or it can be, once you get into the detail.

Suffice it to say that there are many ways in which trojans can infect computers, and you can avoid most of them fairly easily. Trojan infections are actually pretty rare in a home-user environment. They are a big worry for corporate network administrators, but that's another story - in that context the problem is targeted attacks.

As far as your home computer is concerned, the main avenues in are messaging applications, email attachments, dodgy porn and warez sites, and last, but by no means least) file-sharing systems. If you are sharing files via a P2P network you'll have an open port 139, and that will be the way in for trojans.

Keep yourself away from those situations (be very wary of email attachments), and you'll be safe enough - with that battery of security software I would be surprised if a bacteria could get in.

  NSBT 22:10 24 Oct 2007

Hello FE

May I please clarify re your message “the main avenues in are messaging applications”

I use various messenger applications, am I at risk?

  Jak_1 01:26 25 Oct 2007

In short, yes! But so long as you have a decent antivirus prog that is kept upto date then there should be no problem.

  NSBT 02:49 25 Oct 2007

Thanks Jak_1

Yes, I have McAfee security suite.

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