How to do seconed buttons of the main ones

  hoolligan 13:03 11 Mar 2004

click here

How do you do the second buttons ?

Is that what you mean by loosing some of the side menu buttons tararn / fe ?

as above or just do links inside ?


  IClaudio 13:59 11 Mar 2004

Come in from the garden for lunch, hey? ;)

The 'second buttons' point at 'Child' pages from the 'parent', or Main, page in each section. So, in the example, The Deciduous and Evergreen pages are the 'children' of the 'Shrub' page. In Site View, those are joined to the Shrub Page icon. In Page View, go to the Home Page (or whatever the first page is), select the navbar, and in the Properties menu, make sure the 'Include Child Pages' option is ticked. Also make sure the 'Include Javascript Menus' option is ticked.

By 'loosing some of the side menu buttons', I think you mean the comments that Taran and FE (and I...) have made regarding the number of buttons you have on the navbar - many of your pages could be grouped together like the example: in fact, this was an almost subtle hint...;)

Best of luck


  hoolligan 14:10 11 Mar 2004

Who thinks of all the words ? child pages parent etc. No wonder i cant work it out iam looking for something simple iam no good at english let alone comp lingo.

cheers off to have a go

  hoolligan 15:18 11 Mar 2004

But then it does not say 'Include Child Pages' and i cant find the java bit.

Iam lost i dont wanna mess up now i will wait


  IClaudio 15:44 11 Mar 2004

the check-boxes are towards the bottom of the Navigation Bar Properties Box - don't confuse this with the Banner Properties, you must select the buttons down the left-hand side.... and don't double-click on a button, that will select only that button, you must just single-click and then the whole navbar will be selected.

If you want to play around with NOF but leave your site intact, just create a copy of your site (Save Site As...) and then play to your heart's content. And you do have a backup of the site, don't you? ;)

  hoolligan 19:02 11 Mar 2004

i can get the vertical nav prop menu. but cant work it out i can see primary and parant button but i dont get it.

I bet its something simple but till i find it i wont no haha

were`s taran when you need him haha

  IClaudio 19:21 11 Mar 2004

In the Navigation Bar Properties Box, under Navigation Structure, do you have the 'Site' button checked, or the 'Custom' button? If it's 'Custom', you won't have the 'Child/Javascript' buttons available.

And backing-up takes a coupla seconds, you know it makes sense ;)

  hoolligan 09:17 12 Mar 2004

I can remove the buttons and just have the ones i want, but cant work it out how to link to others

Still cant see the javascript/child button
i dont know what java is.

Iam using the vertical nav box menu it says child primary and parent

You dont have a pic do you ?

I dont have custom pressed


Think i should have stuck to keeping the buttons

  IClaudio 14:07 12 Mar 2004

You're using MX aren't you? Doh... I led you right up the garden path ;)

OK, let's start over (and just create a blank site for test purposes):

and then

click here

for a step-by-step look.

The Navbar you'll get won't look quite like the one in the example I knocked up before, that'll need a bit of Javascript, but it will get you by.

Good luck

  IClaudio 14:08 12 Mar 2004

When you're on the site, click on the bottom button, Child Nav Bar

  hoolligan 16:17 12 Mar 2004

So do i have to group all my pages together so they all come of the parent not as i have them now.

Can i have brothers and sisters as iam finding it hard to group together ie you have 3 rows can i have 4 or 5 its doing my head in ive deleted 6 pages cos they was in the way i dont really wanna do any more.

I get what you mean by the other now as in the pic cheers how you do you that ?

ps wish i1d have keeped the extra buttons now haha

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