How do the pros do it

  holligan 16:48 25 Feb 2004

click here

How would a pro do what ive done

How do you set out pictures and text

on a web page

i try to line up even then when i add something it gos

do you centre text

ps i have tried to look at a few sites with my topic but i dont like them. iam not looking anywere to get ideas i want it my style but just want to no how a pro does it


  tenplus1 18:43 26 Feb 2004

Make your page pleasing to the eye and not hard-to-read... That seems to be the best method...

Maybe hide your table lines and left align everything...

If your stuck on the editing side, use a good WYSIWYG editor to make things easier...

  jgosden 21:12 26 Feb 2004

a bit confused on what you are trying to achieve, there don't seem to be any pictures on that page!

  IClaudio 00:07 27 Feb 2004

Not quite sure what you're after here, but I knocked this up click here to see if this is what you're looking for. Then we can discuss further. As others have said around here, tables are your best friend, and I can see from the way the pages are changing that you're having a lot of fun with them.

I've left the borders of the tables switched on, and it looks all right, but you could get more creative. The positioning of the tables is a bit haphazard at the moment. And of course, the pictures are nothing to do with the text, just a few of my garden I had lying around - note, no roses ;)

Incidentally, I get to the 'How-to' main page from 'Spring Tasks', but Pruning wouldn't only be done in the Spring, would it? (And, I almost missed the link, it should be more obvious... to hark back to something I mentioned once before, maybe rationalize the links, so that Tasks are under one main heading (or button), and possibly How-To under another).

I like the 'Shrub Selector' idea, but again, I think you need pictures pictures pictures - maybe a form would work here, so that the user could select from drop-down lists and go to a page of a particular genus.

  IClaudio 00:10 27 Feb 2004

I meant 'Tips' should be under one nav-button, not 'Tasks'

  holligan 09:38 27 Feb 2004

i like your idea. so i need more pics i only put it in spring as iam messing about practising. i dont want to mess about with the links to much as i may get it wrong. I dont no nowt a bout tables and forms. Iam just trying them out i could do with a scanner to copy some pics from books most of the shrubs in the table are in my garden but covered in snow now and i dont have a dig cam.


  IClaudio 09:57 27 Feb 2004

might make a nice Before and After section ;)

If you're fiddling about with layouts and links, you don't have to upload to your live site: there's too much that can go wrong (I speak from bitter experience...). Just save your original site under a different name, then use Local Publish until you've got it right.

Best of luck


  holligan 13:10 27 Feb 2004

i will have a go like the demo you did,

i will mabye get some one to tell me how to do a drop down list later i like that idea or do you know?

ps i only have 20 mb, i hope iam not getting carried away any idea what ive used ?

i like to upload stright awey as i do its there then add to i dont so dont get mixed up then
there is only me who looks at it anyway, and whoever looks at it on here.

  IClaudio 14:23 27 Feb 2004

as long as you keep the file size of each picture down by compressing. Any free graphics program will do that for you. Also, try and keep the height or the width (preferably both...) the same. In my demo, the width is 200 pixels, the height not always the same, but it gives a uniform look nevertheless.

Drop-down lists? You create those in Forms: in Page View, create a Form, draw a rectangle and then select the Forms Combo Box tool from the Form toolbar. Then you can select from a wide range of options - there's a lot of help on this in the NOF Help.

' to upload stright awey..' Fine, but that seems to me like a recipe for disaster! You can't get back to an intermediate version then.

'there is only me who looks at it anyway, and whoever looks at it on here' I always imagine someone in Hong Kong or Alsaka surfing into my site and thinking, 'what on earth is this all about?'

As an example, I mentioned a site I knocked up to advertise my flat to let click here Someone in Brazil was moving to the UK to work at a local company, the European HQ of a translation firm. She saw the flat, and now I have a tenant, two weeks after I put the site up :)) So you can never tell who is looking at your handiwork. We all tinker with a site, but if you are building a page, leave it until you pretty happy with it before going live with it.

Cheers for now


  Taran 14:35 27 Feb 2004

A word of caution.

You can't go scanning pictures from books and magazines and uploading them to your site. They are copyrighted material. If you want images on your site they should be your own or use images belonging to others with their permission - written persmission, signed and dated is best.

Copyright theft is treated very seriously and I'd hate to see you fall foul after putting so much work into the site.



  IClaudio 15:18 27 Feb 2004

Good point about copyright, that was one of the things I was going to mention.

Digicams are getting cheaper all the time, and they're a doddle to use (but even more to get your head around!). If you go that route, be sure to get one with a Macro function so you can take close-ups of the plants.

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