How to do this please???(part 2)

  julius44 07:19 06 Sep 2010

Hello and good morning, okay the 2nd thing that I also need help with is this:

I have a 1TB external hard drive, and all my stuff is backed up onto this hard drive, such as videos, pics, docs, etc. On this hard drive, I also have some folders that have some very important docs and spreadsheets. These folders are on my external hard drive, and ALL I simply want to do is password protect the folders so that when i click on the folders it will SIMPLY ask me to input my password, and then i'll be able to access all the docs in the password protected folders. So all I want to do is:

A) Simply password protect the ALREADY created named folders on my 1tb hard drive

B) Ensure that even if I take my 1Tb ext hard drive and attach it to another pc/laptop....the password protection will still work ANYWHERE.....or its useless to me.
I tried this before but had all types of problems, but i decided to abandon it....but i need to take my 1tb ext hard drive somewhere and that why I now need to do this asap.
Many thanks with any helpful suggestions that can be given.

  accordion 07:23 06 Sep 2010

Truecrypt will do what you want, you can protect the whole external drive at once if you want to:

click here


  julius44 07:41 06 Sep 2010

Thanks Dave i've tried this before, but i've gad problems with it...even though it was recomended to me. I remember having problems when just simply trying to password protect a folder on my ext hard drive....i dont want to password protect my whole drive though, ONLY maybe just 1 or 2 folders...and i was having problems doing this simple task....if i can get a simple tutorial first...then maybe that'll be good for me....and many thanks for the solutions u gave me for the bookmarked folders, it works a one down and one to go, lol

  rawprawn 07:53 06 Sep 2010

Not free but easy, and very effective. I have been using it to protect my external drive for some time.
click here

  julius44 08:35 06 Sep 2010

Thanks rawprawn, but really looking for something free, as its just 1 particular folder that i'd like to password protect pls, so i need a simple freeware program, and easy to use and intall

  skeletal 11:05 06 Sep 2010

I hope others will be able to provide a solution to your simple request (but because it is a computer it is bound to be made harder than necessary!).

But, if you can’t protect the folder easily/free, can you password protect each individual file? This is a feature of Microsoft Office. In Word 2010 for example, it is on the File tab/Info/Permissions (Protect document button)/Encrypt with password.


  rawprawn 11:50 06 Sep 2010

I don't have a File Tab in Word 2010, am I missing something?

  Graham. 12:06 06 Sep 2010

What about transferring the folder to a CD or DVD and keeping it in your pocket?

  julius44 12:15 06 Sep 2010

thanks skeletal, but i cant protect each individual file within the folder as there are about 80-100 files....thats why all i want to do is password protect the whole folder instead

  skeletal 12:38 06 Sep 2010

rawprawn: I hope you aren’t missing something as the File tab is pretty important! It is coloured (blue for Word, Green for Excel etc.) on the ribbon on the far left, next to the Home tab and reveals tons of stuff relating to the document/properties etc etc. I’m sure it’s there, and I bet you’ve used it!

julius44: you know, I just knew you were going to say that! I hope you find something that sorts you out.

Actually, another thought. Have a look at zipping utilities, they may be able to password protect. I thought of Winzip but you have to pay for that.

I did come across 7-Zip:

click here

Please note that I’ve not used it at all and don’t have a clue whether it’s any good, or about its password options, as I only ever use the Windows zipping utility (which appears not to have a password option).


  woodchip 12:59 06 Sep 2010

Nothing to do with Passwords as you will not need one if the Drive goes down with all your stuff on it. Much better to use several smaller drives spread your stuff around and back it up with other drive or drives

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