How to do a link in n.o.f

  holligan 22:47 27 Oct 2003

Just trying to improve from last time how do you do email click here link,Taran iam sure i did what it said but it never worked never got the link box drop down box.And some one said do
click here"target="_blank" so it stays in my page . that never worked for me.just was like that on screen when i previewed.

  Pesala 08:34 28 Oct 2003

Select the text of graphic you want to link to your email address. From the properties palette, select link. At the top is the URL which by default starts http:// Click on the dropdown arrow and scroll down to mailto: to select it. In the right hand part type your email address.

Or simply delete http:// from the left-hand box and type in the right-hand box. Put something in the asset name field too like My Email then next time you link to it you can just choose the asset name from the list of assets

  Taran 08:47 28 Oct 2003

Select your graphic or highlight the text you want to make into a link.

Press the Ctrl key then the letter K key while still holding Ctrl down.

That calls up the link dialog screen where you set all your preferences for your links.

  holligan 14:18 28 Oct 2003

Been trying for 6hrs still cant get it cant get the link menu.ctrl way does not work for me neither highlighted way.cant get props sometimes.had the drop menu once but dont what i pressed.i know iam thick is there a book about it.
i like to follow print and pics mainly pics.i will have to get a printer.

  Taran 17:07 28 Oct 2003

I know you can because you already have.

Click the graphic or select the text you want to make into a link.

Forget about Ctrl and K keys for now.

With the graphic or text for the link selected on your page, go to the top menu in NetObjects and click on Object. From the drop down menu that appears when you click Object, click on Link.

This opens up the link dialog where you can give it your prefered settings.

An internal link links to a page in your website, and external link leads to another website or email address (among others) while the download link points to a file you want to allow people to download off your site. I would leave the smart link option alone for now, until you get he hand of the other link types.

If you get stuck just click on Help in NetObjects, click on Help Topics, click the tab called index and type the word link into the search box. Click on any of the helpfiles on Links for a full walkthrough and all instructions.


  GroupFC 18:37 28 Oct 2003

As well as the help files NOFmx also has a couple
of pdf manuals (Adobe Acrobat documents - you will need Adobe reader software installed, but from memory this is included on the NOFmx CD or can usually be found on most magazine cover discs).

These manuals are called "Building Business Websites" and "User Guide".They can be found by navigating to c:\NetObjects Fusion MX\Docs. The first is 163 pages and the second 450+ pages(!), so you should find your answer in there somewhere!!

Oh and by the way, get a printer 'cos it is much easier following the printed word than it is jumping between windows when you're stuck with something!

Good luck.

  holligan 18:52 28 Oct 2003

now just done 10 pages loads of typing.And deleted 1 word the bottom nav buttons thing, and lost every page.have to do it all again unless anyone knows how to get it back.its a long day.cant see this comp lasting long!!!!

  Taran 19:05 28 Oct 2003

You need to keep clicking on the File, Save Site option.

One bit of advice here: prepare all text using a Word processor like Microsoft Word or similar and when you're happy with what you've typed, copy and paste the text into your web page.

Don't waste you time typing large bodies of text into the web page itself. Your word processor will have better spelling and grammer checking than ay web editor and at the end of the day, as long as you save your text document, you'll always have that copy to fall back on.


  holligan 20:22 28 Oct 2003

IVE only just got used to copy and paste.never knew what it was ive been typing none stop for days then i lose it then do it again.

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