How do i virus scan a new DVD before running it?

  Rhubarb 18:44 06 Apr 2006

I have Norton Internet Security 2006. Have been given a dvd with some software on and would like to install some of it. How do i virus scan it before actually running it? If i put it in the disc drive wil it not just start running?

  Jackcoms 18:50 06 Apr 2006

Yes, it will start running. You can go to My Computer, find the DVD drive and stop it running.

Then use NIS to scan that drive.

Having said that, I think that you're being just a tad paranoid. ;-)

  Rhubarb 18:53 06 Apr 2006

Thanks. What makes you think its paranoid?

  Jackcoms 18:57 06 Apr 2006

If the DVD is from a known source/reputable company, I would have thought that it's 99.9999999% certain that it's 'clean'.

  Rhubarb 19:03 06 Apr 2006

Thanks. I am a little over cautious as I have experience of recent virus problems-determined for it not to happen again :)

  remind 19:13 06 Apr 2006

hold down shift when you insert the dvd, will prevent autorun

  Strawballs 02:23 07 Apr 2006

After stopping it auto running in my computer right click on the dvd rom and select scan for viruses with....

  Southernboy 12:28 07 Apr 2006

My son had a carefree attitude and often loaded software on discs his friends had given him. Results, several viruses.

Better safe than sorry!

  Rhubarb 16:32 07 Apr 2006

Thanks everyone for your responses-much apreciated

  driving man 18:15 07 Apr 2006

I dont know if it works in XP but I suspect it will. Load cd/dvd and hold down the shift key until the autorun is over Then you can scan it. This wrinkle will save you changing your settings

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