How do I view FROM box in OE

  amyfleur 19:35 13 Jan 2007

I'm not an absolute beginner, but this is an absolute beginner's question.

I use Outlook Express for my emails.

When I open a 'New Message' email, I do not have a 'From' box.

I know how to see the 'Bcc' box from VIEW - ALL HEADERS, but cannot find how to view FROM. I have scoured the HELP in OE.

Any suggestions please?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 20:03 13 Jan 2007

you can click ones to highlight the email then rightclick for properties then it will tell u in there whom the sender is

  Wak 20:05 13 Jan 2007

Hi, when you create a new message you do not get a FROM box.
This info is added when the message is sent and is only seen by the receiver.
You should only see

Hope this helps.

  Wak 20:12 13 Jan 2007

Hi again, If you mean when you get a NEW incoming email and the FROM box isn't showing then RIGHT click the row of headings at the top of the viewing panel and select CUSTOM. You can then add whatever headings you wish.

  terryf 20:14 13 Jan 2007

Advice above is good, think about it, why should you need a 'from' box, you know who you are and that you are sending the new mail:-)

  amyfleur 20:20 13 Jan 2007

No Wak, I mean when I want to send an email. I have two accounts: one for me and one for my husband.

On our desktop PC there is always a FROM box so that we can click on it to select which one of us is sending the email.

My laptop, although it is set up for both of us with email accounts exactly the same as the PC, does not have a FROM box when we want to send an email.

In order for Dave to send an email we always have to click on FILE - SWITCH IDENTITY etc. a long-winded route to send an email.

  amyfleur 20:27 13 Jan 2007

In OE's HELP it says:

If you have multiple e-mail accounts set up and you want to use one other than your default account, click in the From box, and then click the e-mail account you want to use.


  terryf 20:28 13 Jan 2007

Sorry, never come across this before, have you tried the help center by clicking on an empty part of desktop and pressing F1 also try click here

  terryf 20:29 13 Jan 2007

Sorry should have been click here for multiple users

  amyfleur 20:36 13 Jan 2007

I'm looking through these pages now thanks terryf. Will write back when I've found the info I need (or not) thanks.

  p;3 21:15 13 Jan 2007

for how long has the from box been missing?

I have oe and have four addresses to choose from ; I am not sure but I think you may need to click on one of the lines to make it reappear; be aware though; if you DO make a change note what it is you are doing to make that change so you can reverse it if it does not do what you need ; I have done that before and lost my send tag ;

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