How do I use WST_Engl font in Word?

  Onizuka 16:55 15 Feb 2006

I want to be able to show zero with the diagonal line but I can’t find it in Symbol. Thanks to keewaa’s recent thread “Oh & Zero How to tell?” I discovered that it’s in WST_Engl font. However, it only seems to be available in a Text document created in Notepad and not in Word. If it’s copied into Word it loses its diagonal when pasted. How do you add WST_Engl font to Word?

  octal 17:43 15 Feb 2006

Have you tried inserting the Ø using the Charactor map. In case that comes out as a question mark, its suposed to look like the zero with a slash though it.

  octal 17:43 15 Feb 2006

It works!

  Onizuka 15:45 16 Feb 2006

octal – it may have worked for you but when I tried copying the zero with diagonal (in the WST_Engl font) from the character map it pasted into Word as a symbol resembling a suitcase with the handle at the end rather than the middle and copying other letters just resulted in wingdings. Word obviously doesn’t like this font. Can anyone explain?

  octal 17:54 16 Feb 2006

The Ø I used was Times Roman in KDE Character Selector in Linux, I pasted into MS Word and it looked the same. In my Character Selector I've got 57 fonts and each font has 255 pages of different characters.

I thought you had a Windows version called Character Map in Accesories>System Tools (someone will correct me if that's the wrong location) which you can paste all manner of symbols and charaters into MS Word? That's what I use with Word when I'm at work and it seems to accept them all. Try Character Map instead of cut and paste from NotePad because the coding might not be what Word recognises.

  wiz-king 19:38 16 Feb 2006

In Word2000 you can insert/ symbol/ chose Arial and it has the capital and lower case zero, it is also in the Times New Roman font

  Onizuka 15:57 17 Feb 2006

octal - You are quite correct. In Windows XP (SP2) the path is indeed Start/All Programs/Accessories/Character Map/Select/Copy. The symbol or character can then be Pasted into MS Word.

wiz-king - I have MS Word 2002 and I agree that it is perfectly possible to insert/symbol Ø or ø from many of the available fonts.

However, the Symbol Ø (or ø) is a letter used in the Danish, Faroese and Norwegian alphabets (acknowledgements to Wikipedia) and is not the number zero. Zero with the diagonal line only seems to appear in the WST_Engl font which, for reasons I don’t understand, MS Word doesn’t appear to recognise. In fact, none of the symbols in that font will paste into Word unchanged.

I accept that using the letter Ø is a way round the problem but it is still the letter O and not the number 0.

  octal 17:54 17 Feb 2006

Have a look at these click here

There are some amateur radio terms QSO means contact in amateur radio terms.

  octal 18:21 17 Feb 2006

I've installed it on my Open Office and it works fine.

  Onizuka 15:29 18 Feb 2006

octal – you’re a genius. Very many thanks. I’ve downloaded those fonts and they all work perfectly in Word and Excel. At least I can now show clearly the difference between 0 and O. One wonders why they are not supplied as standard with MS Office.

  Lokit 18:39 18 Feb 2006

A late arrival to this thread I'm afraid but anyway...

There is a font available which has the "slashed zero" as standard , I use it all the time for the same reasons as you have outlined.

The font is Crystal and it's filename is CRYSRG__.TTF

click here

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