How do i use PCMCIA Flash Adaptor?

  michaelgm 06:31 03 Jul 2003

I have just purchased the above compact flash card adapter for my Laptop (XP Home).This may sound daft but once it is slotted in with the memory card, how do I aquire the pictures? Also what is the difference between my Type 1 and Type 1/11?

  Lú-tzé 07:52 03 Jul 2003

When you put the card into the adaptor, it will most likely appear as new drive in "My Computer" - like a cd/floppy/hdd etc. That way you can open it up with windows explorer and copy the files to the hdd or wherever you want them.

Type 1 is only half the thickness of type two so often you can have two type one cards in the slots or only one type 2.

  hssutton 09:16 03 Jul 2003

Lú-tzé I'm a little intrigued by your last statement That type one is only half the thickness of type two. As I have a number of these C/flash cards I thought I would measure them. I find that my C/flash (1) is 4mm in thickness and C/flash is 5mm

  Lú-tzé 10:19 03 Jul 2003

hssutton - fair enough! I don't have either - just know that the slot for the type two pcmcia cards is twice as thick as the slot for the type one card (or vice versa perhaps). I have not used one of either type for quite some time now but seem to remember that the pcmcia modem I had for a laptop back in the early 1990s was much thinner (well, more than 20% thinner) than the pcmcia external hdd which held all of 40mb. I never took the time to measure either :-}.

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