how do I use a partitioned hard disk?

  Lardy FB 10:44 15 Nov 2004

I have done a back up of everything on my pc just in case of the inevitable!! however, the back up file is too large to burn to dvd (15 gig) I have noticed when I defrag that my hard disk is partitioned as follows
boot c ntfs 55 gb-43% available
backup d ntfs 47 gb-97% available
recovery e fat32 9 gb-63% available
I can't move my backup file to the relevant partition, or am I not supposed to?? and if I can't, what is the need to have 47 gb of free space sitting doing nothing????
hope some one can help will be very grateful.

  § 11:06 15 Nov 2004

Lardy FB what back-up software are you using, and doesn't it ask where you want the backup saved to?

  Lardy FB 11:27 15 Nov 2004

I did a back up using xp home system tools, it didnt give me the option to save it to drive d (or e ,) if this makes sense!!

  Carpigiani 11:32 15 Nov 2004

If you start XP backup in wizard mode the 4th window asks you where you want to backup to.

  Gongoozler 11:34 15 Nov 2004

I find it best to keep Windows and all the installed programs on one partition (C:), and all the saved files on another (D:). This keeps the backups to manageable sizes. If Windows crashes irrecoverably I can restore only the C: partition. The saved files can be simply written to CD for backup. My C: partition is only 10G (although if I had games there as well I would probably opt for 15 or 20G) my saved file partition is 30G because I have a lot of photos there. To reallocate your partition sizes without losing data you need something like Partition Magic click here.

  Lardy FB 11:41 15 Nov 2004

Hi carpigiani, just looked at tat and it gives me the option of drives I j k l or c ???????????? but no D

  Lardy FB 11:44 15 Nov 2004

I cant seem to find a way to get any thing in there, if I right click on something and select "send to" it doesn't give me the option of D either

  § 12:13 15 Nov 2004

Lardy FB if you open 'My Computer' what are your various drives described as?

  sortof 12:18 15 Nov 2004

From what I read in latest Computeractive mag, you cannot backup directly to CD using XP Backup. See the readers questions at the back of the magazine. I will see if I can find it in a minute.

  Carpigiani 12:26 15 Nov 2004

If you click on browse it should give you the option of all your drives.

  sortof 12:27 15 Nov 2004

The Computeractive issue is 176 and page is 100. They say backup using buring s.ware to folder then burn the backup file to CD. If it is more than 700mb, to split the file so it will fit on several CDs, you can use File Splitter Deluxe - click here.

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