How do I use a laptop as a dvd player?

  vaughan007 18:04 04 Apr 2004

Hello all,

How can I contect my laptop to my TV in order to use it as a dvd player?

Obviously the laptop has a dvd drive!

Many Thanks.

  kentylad 18:15 04 Apr 2004

In a similar situation here - not too sure what I need etc

What is the make/model of your laptop? Operating System?

  steve0 18:17 04 Apr 2004

Most laptops have an SVideo cable for connecting to a suitable TV. My TV only has a composite video in and the lead to convert SVideo to Composite seems to lose the colour.

However I find that a data projector - I use a 1700 lumens Panasonic- beats the socks off any tv and this is what I use to watch DVDs from a laptop

  vaughan007 20:23 04 Apr 2004

It is a HP Compaq nx9005.

Windows XP Pro

The laptop does indeed have an S-Video Out port.

I didn't get a cable with the laptop that fits the S-Video out port.

The TV I would like to use the laptops with has a scart input and the usual "TV" aerial input. There is also a few ports on the back of the TV that are...2 White, 2 Red and 2 Yellow.

Does anyone have any ideas of the best lead to use?

Thanks :-)

  MIke 21:22 04 Apr 2004

You need something like this click here
Personally I gave up using my laptop as a dvd player, as it was far too fiddly messing around with the graphics card setting to get a picture on the TV. If you do a search you'll find other people seem to have trouble getting the video of a dvd to display on a TV properly

E.G. click here
Good luck


  Stuartli 09:07 05 Apr 2004

The £5.99 Scart cables kit from Aldi contains the leads you require at a fraction of the normal prices...:-)

  bukkaz 09:23 05 Apr 2004

Stuartli can you help? You mention the leads from Aldi. I bought the Mediom from aldi last week and am having a bit of trouble connecting up. Can get TV pictures on my monitor and record but cannot get games etc to play on TV screen. Any suggestions?
Also is it possible to do this wirelessly and if so what would I need. A bit of a greenhorn in computer matters so any advice would be appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 09:28 05 Apr 2004

if you have a nvidia graphics card click here to solve your problems.


  vaughan007 21:13 05 Apr 2004

How foolish of me to think that it would be anywhere near straight forward to use a laptop with a dvd drive as a dvd player...


  MIke 18:43 06 Apr 2004

Well I was foolish too! Thought it would be a good idea to take home to parents to play the odd dvd there. Ended up buying a cheap n cheerful dvd player from Argos to leave at home!

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