how do I use card reader

  aboutit 19:17 26 Nov 2004

I have a Hama 9 in 1 card reader supporting XD SD SM Multi Media etc I use this for transferring my photos to the pc. Can anyone tell me how to use this to transfer files from my pc? Do I put the card in the device?, then what? Any help in non complicated terms welcome and much appreciatd

  Rayuk 19:24 26 Nov 2004

Use it as you would a floppy drag and drop or copy and paste.
Dont format it using Windows always use your cam era when formatting

  bukkaz 19:30 26 Nov 2004

Excuse my ignorance but why format it with camera and not windows?

  Rayuk 19:44 26 Nov 2004

Cannot give you the full reason but in past threads people have had problems after formatting their cards in Windows there camera will then not recognise it.
Think it has something to do with Fat system.
Wil have a quick look for previous threads

  Rayuk 19:52 26 Nov 2004

click here
Not sure if this is different for each group of cards maybe its in the cameras documentation somewhere.

  aboutit 20:05 26 Nov 2004

many thanks tried it and it worked took a chance and formatted through Win xp and it worked o,.k. everything fine when I put the card back into the camera. As a matter of interest can I write anything to the card(16MB SD) and can I keep on formatting or does it damage the card?

  Magik ®© 20:07 26 Nov 2004

no need to keep formatting the card, just delete what you do not want and drag the new stuff onto it..

  Cook2 20:33 26 Nov 2004

I believe you need to format just the once, but not all cards as the larger one I bought for my camera worked without formatting.

  jack 20:59 26 Nov 2004

Assuming XP is the operating system

Card reader with card is another drive download or upload just as you would with 'A'/Zip/Harddrive.

Cameras use a modified JPEG file system called XIF this is a jpeg file with camera data added.
O/S before XP did not know about XIF therefore would ignore this extra info - load a card in 'say' 98 and the camera will not recognise it.
This is the same reason that a card should always be formatted in camera.
However XP knows about Xif and transers files back and forth should be no problem[ but still format in camera]
If you are still having problens a share ware program from click here- does it all

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