How do I upload my website?

  jason.p 18:17 16 Oct 2009

Apologies if this is a very basic question, but I really don't know how to upload my site. I've constructed the site, fairly basic with an index page and a few links backwards and forwards. This all seems to be working on my PC, but I don't understand how to upload it. I've got the domain with 1&1 and I have the webhost address and webspace on my server (Orange). I understand that I need an FTP site to upload it, but it needs to be one where I can import the ready made thing as a whole. Can anyone please advise?

  jason.p 08:57 17 Oct 2009

Thanks Fourm. I've tried a couple of FTP sites and despite having the Orange webhost address have been unable to connect, so I guess that as you say Orange do not allow FTP to their server.
If I have to pay for hosting it would make sense to use 1&1 as you suggest.
Many thanks for help.

  Jollyjohn 13:55 20 Oct 2009


Assuming you are using Windows, ftp is built in.

ftp = file transfer protocol and is a programm that will upload files to a server.


This will start a wizard - type the address of the website as provided by Orange. Start the address with ftp://
untick log on anonymously
enter you user name - usually the bit before the @ symbol

When you then go to MY NETWORK PLACES a connection should be listed, the first time you open it you will be asked for your password.

copy your website files to here ensuring your home page is called index.htm - in lower case.

  jason.p 17:54 20 Oct 2009

Thanks Jollyjohn. I had no idea Windows had this facility, I'm still struggling a bit so I'll give it a try.

Both 1&1 and Orange help facilities should be able to solve your questions. Have you tried them. You should have an FTP facility with Orange. You need an FTP client so download Filezilla. Configure this with you FTP username and password given you by orange and you should be able to upload your website. Assuming you A record points to the Orange servers you should be live.

  jason.p 19:06 23 Oct 2009

Thanks cantthinkofanick. I think I'll go with 1&1 webhosting as I've already got the domain with them.
I found the Orange website maker quite difficult, although I did manage to get an index page uploaded, eventually!!

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