How do I upgrade the memory on a laptop

  wobblymike 20:47 02 Feb 2005

Ihave done a fair bit of PC building but only on desktops and towers; I have obtained a laptop in decent nick but with only 32MB of RAM, it uses PC66 SDRAM - is this the same SDRAM as one uses in a tower?

Second question - it has a tiny HDD of only 3GB, in order to replace I gather i need a 2.5 inch HDD is that right? - I have located the screws that hold it all together but before I start to take it apart I would value any guidance on taking laptops to bits that anyone wishes to offer

  JonnyTub 20:51 02 Feb 2005

first bit of advice, if your akin to taking things apart, take photo's, my laptop took 30mins to disassenble and 3 and a half hours to reassemble because i forgot how it went back together and had a spare screw!!

secondly, it sounds like an old laptop so parts are going to be hard to source, try click here

  cyberphobic 21:11 02 Feb 2005

If you go to the laptop's manufacturer's website ther will be info about upgrades. Memory upgrades are usually achieved either by removing a coverplate on the base of the laptop or inserting more memory under the keyboard. Hard drives are more tricky, some manufacturers allow upgrades by providing a removable coverplate either on the base or the side of the machine, otherwise it's a question of partially deconstructing the machine, if you're inexperienced, as JonnyTub says you probably don't want to go there!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:33 02 Feb 2005

click here

find your harddisk........

click here

desktop Ram is won't fit in a laptop.

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