How do I uninstall SiS Graphics Driver/Software et

  Giggle n' Bits 00:37 22 Jun 2005

My Packard Bell Imedia Model No. 3050 has Intergrated SiS Graphics (PC about 6 months old)

The SiS graphics also has Utility software installed as this shows in Display properties.

There is no option in Add/Remove programmes to remove the Sis grpahics software/Driver

So the problem I have is I want to upgrade by adding a AGP Graphics card as there is a AGP Slot for AGP x2/x4

Also as the Power supply is small from reading arround A Nvidia Chip AGP Card would be a bit power hungry sos I wouild look for a ATI card but which 128MB AGP ATI card are there around which would be compatible with AGP x2/4 I also know AGP x8 is backaward compatible but is any AGP ATI card with AGP x8 compatible

Please help, kids giving jip.


  Slithe 10:14 22 Jun 2005

If it is intergrated graphics - then I assume that you don't actually have a current card installed.

RE AGP 8X - I think this will accomodate lower speeds such as 4X and 2X, but I'm not entirely sure if this works the other way i.e. a 8X can't be used in a 4X slot. I am assuming that you have not yet purchased a graphics card - when you do, look at the specifications on the box, this will tell you if it's AGP and what speed it is. Most newer cards are 8X compatible. Sites such as DABS sell AGP graphics cards cheaply.

Before fitting the card, have a look at your BIOS and determine the set up of your machine. If there is an option for Onboard Graphics make sure that it is turned off. Save changes. Turn off PC, insulate yourself and put in the card. Turn on machine. If you are running XP, then Windows will offer to find the drivers for you - I personally don't do that, I install the ones provided with the card. After doing this you will have to reboot.

If the onboard graphics option is not available in the BIOS, then you can shut off the onboard by simply adding the card. This is possible with Phoenix Award v 6.0. However, before you insert the card, ensure that the graphics driver CD is in your CD drive, this will allow the drivers to be detected on boot up and a graphical output.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:34 22 Jun 2005

Thanks for your reply, the main problem is the Sis Graphics software that is installed. There is no option to uninstall the Sis Graphics Software.

I feel that if I installed a AGP card then the the new card driver/software would conflict with the Sis software.

  gudgulf 11:14 22 Jun 2005

HAve a good read through the manual that came with the pc...Packard bell usually give instructions on how add a seperate graphics card.If not then go to the Packard Bell web site and look up your particular pc model on there......upgrade instructions will certainly be on the website.

Any AGP 8x graphics card will be compatible with your pc motherboard (which I think is a Columbia 5).Here's a list of the seperate cards fitted in some models of the i-media pc range click here.

If the uninstaller for the SiS video package is not listed try having a look in Start>All Programs for the SiS entries...there might be a shortcut to the uninstaller there.If not the use Explorer to search for the SiS folder in the Programs list.Open that folder..theuninstaller might be in there.

When fitting the new card your motherboard does not have a jumper to disable the onboard graphics click here will need to check in the BIOS if there is a setting to disable onboard graphics from there.My guess is that there wont be on this board so fitting the new card will involved physically installing the card,rebooting and then installing the drivers for it.On boot up your pc will automatically default to the AGP card.You can disable the old SiS graphics from the task manager if you want but you should have no problem by having the SiS drivers on your system.At least that is how I had to do things when I added a pci graphics card to one of the older i-media series pc.Hope this helps.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:07 22 Jun 2005

Yes this is what I thought there would be a instruction in Packard Bell website on how to do this, fitting the card and changing the BIOS to Boot from AGP is simple but no instruction on removing the Sis Software.

I will try your soloution for a uninstall.exe option and will call back later.

You call is appreciated !

  Stuartli 13:14 22 Jun 2005

There should be an option I would have thought to disable onboard graphics (and sound for that matter if desired) in the Bios.

I use an AGP 8x GeForceFX card with a motherboard that has a maximum of 4x AGP without problems.

Contrary to belief or apparent logic, an 8x card is not twice as efficient as a 4x version.

  woodchip 13:20 22 Jun 2005

I have never come across a system that you could remove the Onboard Graphics, You should put the new card in load software and drivers then go to Device Manager and Disable the SIS Graphics Adapter

  gudgulf 13:27 22 Jun 2005

There may well be such an option, but the Gigabyte based boards such as the one in FAQ man's pc (and the Houston 3 in the one I still have) are very basic boards and tend to have very limited BIOS functions.There are definitely no options to disable the onboard graphics on the mobo I have and I suspect that FAQ man will find the same......of course if there is,use it!I mention it only because I don't want him to start worrying if there is no option to disable the onboard graphics to be found.

  Giggle n' Bits 13:47 22 Jun 2005

Ok, found the SiS AGP Driver.EXE which I opened as if to install. You then get the prompt to Uninstall The SIS Grpahics Software !

Then shut down PC fit card and start up the bios changed everything fine and the SIS Application Graphics Software had gone.

It was the problem of leaving 2 Graphics software/drivers in windows the BIOS.

M8 again, gudgulf hit the nail on the Head when he said look for the Sis Folder in the Prog files. Thank U Gudgulf and M8 Stuartli, Woodchip.


  Stuartli 23:57 22 Jun 2005

I now have a Gigabyte mobo and the AMI Bios settings are as comprehensive as previous brands...:-)

This only has (disabled) onboard sound but I'm sure I recall disabling onboard graphics when I first got a "proper" graphics card on earlier models.

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