How do I uninstall my Epson Printer????????

  naissonej 14:22 14 Sep 2006

I wonder if anyone out there can help me please

I need to uninstall my Epson Printer as I'm installing my new replacement printer tomorrow

I run windows xp, I've tried removing the printer via the "add or Remove option" every time I affirm the remove option it doesn't go and just repeats the uninstalling cycle again. The warning message states Epson Printer Utility uninstall Warning - "The default printer has been deleted the new default printer is the Epson Stylus C46 series"

Please advise and please bear in mind I require idiot proof instructions as I've only basic computer literacy

Thanks in anticipation

  Ptolemy 14:40 14 Sep 2006

have you deleted the Epson from the "Printers and Faxes" menu (on the Start menu and on Control Panel) first?

Apart from that I've just gone through my Epson program files (for CX3600) and there doesn't seem to be any uninstallers. if you have either CCleaner or Spybot they have the option of removing items from the "Add/Remove" after which you can then delete the appropriate folder in "C:\Program Files".

  Stuartli 14:46 14 Sep 2006

My Epson Printer software can be uninstalled from Add/Remove Programs or from Start>Programs>Epson Printer software>menu

  naissonej 15:32 14 Sep 2006

Hi both,

Firstly Stuartli, I've already done as you've suggested but the same message comes up

The warning message states Epson Printer Utility uninstall Warning - "The default printer has been deleted the new default printer is the Epson Stylus C46 series" when I ok that message another message states "uninstall complete" but it remains

Ptolemy, I've also done as you've stated and the result is the same as above. I do have spybot search and destroy I don't understand how this relates to uninstalling the programme please?

  Ptolemy 15:38 14 Sep 2006

Open Spybot, click "Mode" on the menu line and select 2Advanced Mode" - this unlock loads of Spybot tools.

Now on the left-hand side there is an option for 2Tools2 - select that and locate 2Uninstall info" - this will show you all the programs that come up in "Add/Remove" and some other bits.

Locate the Epson entry and dlete it - this is effectively the same as going through the registry and taking it out - but simpler.

You can then delete the "Epson" folder in program files.

Another, easier option maybe to try reinstalling the Epson software from the CD and then uninstalling - it maybe that your machine has lost a piece of uninstall info and gets confused. Giving it the info again MAY help.

  johnnyrocker 16:33 14 Sep 2006

alternatively maybe try in safe mode.


didnt know about the extra tools in spybot, you learn every day

  naissonej 16:40 14 Sep 2006

Hi again Ptolemy,

I've followed your instructions to the letter but the printer still remains! I turned the printer off and restarted it to make absolutely sure, it wasn't done in safe mode as Johnny has since suggested

I can't remember where I've hidden the installation cd so do you really think reinstalling would work? Do you think that Norton Internet Security may be involved somewhere along the line??????

  VoG II 16:42 14 Sep 2006

I don't think that you actually need to remove it. Just install the new one and make it your default printer.

  terryf 16:49 14 Sep 2006

One reason that you can't uninstall it is if it thinks that there are documents in the printing queue, go to settings>printers etc click on the printer and in the left hand column 'see whats printing'. I would follow VoG™ advice, install the new printer, set it as default, then attempt to un-install old. I had a prob where windows installed copy 2 of an Epson for some reason and I couldn't get rid because there were docs in the printing queue

  naissonej 17:16 14 Sep 2006

There were two print documents in the printing queue once I'd deleted these the installation worked

Many thanks to everyone your help is very much appreciated!!!!!

  Stuartli 17:16 14 Sep 2006

Have you actually disconnected the printer before uninstalling the software?

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