How do I UNinstall Hola Unblocker ?

  Furkin 14:53 21 Sep 2013

Somewhere along the line, I picked up Hola Unblocker, on my Win 7 (32) machine.

This is prohibiting the start of IE10 - ie; I can't use it/google, to access the interweb.

I've managed to delete the QuickStart buttons on the Desktop & All Progs.

However: When I go to C.P > Progs & Features to uninstall it, it isn't there,,,, or at least not under that name.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this please ?


  rdave13 15:02 21 Sep 2013

Try opening IE10 without add-ons. Go to 'run' and type iexplore -extoff then ok. IE should open. You can check all the addons then but I'd go for resetting IE through tools, internet options, advanced then the reset tab.

  Furkin 16:31 21 Sep 2013

Cheers Dave,

Even when I got the 'Can't display' message, I could open Tools.

I followed your advice, and even though it came up saying (para) 'IE is now running without add-ons', as soon as I tried searching, I still get the same "can't display" message.

I've been on the HOLA website to look for uninstall details, but it just came up with CP > Progs & Features. There is a contact address, so I've dropped them a line !?

I also looked at Tools > Options > Advanced > Reset, but I'm a little wary - just at the moment - as I don't know what I will lose.

If I can - i'd prefer to just uninstall this damned thing, rather than alter any settings. If I can't, then i'll bite the bullet, & reset.

thanks for this help, & all the previous help.

  Furkin 07:38 22 Sep 2013

It looks like I cleared it.

Yip - flippin - eee

I did get a reply from Steve Avery at Hola, but despite my telling him 3 times that it didn't show up in CP > Progs & Features, he said to go to CP > Progs features etc !

In the end, I went to install it again, just to see how it manifested its self in CP > Progs. It actually shows up as Hola with the correct icon - which I didn't have before. It also said todays date and latest H version, so I assumed the worse. I thought if I UNinstall it now, it will obviously only uninstall that one !


I uninstalled it, & lo & behold, tis gone. Not only the one in Progs/Features, but - it seems like it took remnants of the last one with it (well, I can open Google in IE10 anyway - apparently, it blocks a dozen things, so we have to UNblock things,,,, using said hola), so i'll check a couple of the others.

I hope this helps other readers.

cheers dave13.

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