How do I transfer files from laptop to desktop?

  Throbber 12:00 22 Jan 2006

I have some large [about 6Gb] files on my laptop which I would like to transfer to my desktop. I don't have wireless network. What cables would I need? I tried just joining them using ethernet cable, but laptop didn't seem to be recognised. Is there a step I'm missing?

  AndySD 12:06 22 Jan 2006

Was it a crossover cable?

What operating systems are you using?

  Thalmus 12:35 22 Jan 2006

Make sure you are using a crossover a cable like AndySD says and if they are still not automatically recognised run the network wizard on both computers (in my network places).

Oh make sure you share the folders that the files are in.

  Throbber 12:37 22 Jan 2006

I'm running Windows XP Home on both laptop and desktop.
How would I recognise a crossover cable?

  dms05 12:46 22 Jan 2006

Look at the wires in the connectors. A Patch cable will have the wire colours running to the same pins at either end. click here shows you what they will look like. A Crossover cable will have some colours connected to different pins as shown.

  Thalmus 13:07 22 Jan 2006

it may also be wriiten on the acutall cable it may say either "patch" or "crossover"

  Throbber 15:02 22 Jan 2006

Thanks to all. It's not a crossover cable I've been using. Will get hold of one and try again.

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