How do i trace an i.p addi ??????

  irishunit 09:45 26 Apr 2007

now i got a programe called magic net trace !
that allows me to get the i.p addi from site such as or

But what i want to find out is how to trace a persons i.p ? example. say if im chaing to someone on msn ! how would i get there i.p ?

does anyone know how to do it . i know you can get another computers i.p ! just dont know how

  Technotiger 09:55 26 Apr 2007

Hi, if you are chatting to someone on MSN you can ask them for their IP. To find your own IP in MSN Messenger go to Help and then About and you will see your IP.

  Technotiger 09:57 26 Apr 2007

Hmmm, it is a long time since I used MSN Messenger, I might be getting it confused with Net Meeting - where the above instructions for finding IP are relevant.

  irishunit 10:01 26 Apr 2007

no tahts not the problemi know how to find my own i.p

one time somebody on a site posted up my i.p addi that they traced ,i wanted to know how to do that

if someone is connecting to your computer threw lets say msn for example ! you can find they i.p addi !!

like i said i know how to trace my own i.p and also an i.p from a website i.p is easy to find

im tryin to find out how to trace someone ele's i.p

  Technotiger 10:03 26 Apr 2007

Have a look here then .. courtesy of Google ..

click here

  MAJ 10:08 26 Apr 2007

You can find out someone else's IP address but it wont be any good to you, all it will tell you is their ISP's details.

  rodriguez 10:27 26 Apr 2007

As MAJ says, it won't be much use to you and the trace programs will only point you to their nearest big town, not their actual home address (mine just comes up as Birmingham, when really I live about 8 miles away from Birmingham centre). The only people who can get a house address are authorities such as the police, and that's only after they contact the person's ISP requesting the details. A person's IP usually changes every day so the ISP has to be asked who was using the particular IP on that day.

Anyway to get their IP address, send them a fair sized file (this is to give you long enough to get their address) and go so Start, Run and then type in cmd and press Enter. In the black command prompt type in netstat -n and it will show up their IP address (make sure you close any P2P programs and web pages to stop other IPs coming up).

Or an easier way is to download Messenger Plus and use the IPGet plugin. click here for Messenger Plus and click here. When IPGet is in use, send them a file and you'll get a pop up with their IP in in the same place as the pop up when someone signs in. Or you can just open it up and see it by typing in /ipget in the conversation box and pressing Enter.

  irishunit 10:31 26 Apr 2007

shit man there are some wizards on here !!!

tahnx alot for the help

only wanted to use it to prove it can be done to a freind

not gonna try do anything at all with it

but thanx alot for that last reply

  irishunit 10:32 26 Apr 2007


thanx alot man

im from birmingham my self ,bout 8 miles away from the city center

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