How do I tell if my laptop has Bluetooth?

  cdb 12:31 14 Jul 2007

According to the PC Advisor review my Acer aspire 5920 has bluetooth, but I can't seem to get it to work if it has.

I've looked in the control panel and it's nowhere to been seen and pressing the bluetooth button on the pc says "no device"

Any ideas.

Thank you.

  Andy1991 12:44 14 Jul 2007

Go to START > Right click "My computer" and select properties > Hardware tab > Device manager

Look for a bluetooth device in the list, by expanding each bit by clicking the X next to them, if there is then u rightfully should have bluetooth, u should see if there is a yellow or red mark next to the reference to the bluetooth device in the list, if so then double click it and read the notice to see whats wrong if there is not then the program u use may be having problem try to reinstall it in someway, or try FSQUIRT from the run box.

If u can not see a bluetooth device in the list at all then u should not have bluetooth.

  cdb 12:48 14 Jul 2007

Had a look there and nothing is listed.

What's FSQUIRT and does it work on Vista?

  Andy1991 13:02 14 Jul 2007

FSQUIRT is the program that is built into windows XP for swaping files over bluetooth i suspect it remains in Vista. Go to START and Run and type it and press OK to start it.

  Andy1991 13:03 14 Jul 2007

Actually i don't think there is a run in Vista. Type FSQUIRT into the search box near the bottom of the START menu

  cdb 13:03 14 Jul 2007

I've just done abit of searching and it looks like the laptop doesn't have Bluetooth, in which case why did the PCAdvisor review say it has it?

  Andy1991 20:44 14 Jul 2007

No, idea it may not be the exact same laptop model. But maybe the same series. Or some idiot has put it in and forgot that they did it and thinks it came with.

  Jake_027 00:19 15 Jul 2007

You have bought a different one to the one reviewsed. When you bought the laptop there should have been a small code after the name-on my aspire 630 its LX1.0871.056 or something like that. Anyway each model has different specs, I have a button on the front of mine that if you slide one way says "No bluetooth device" and if you slide the other way "No 3G device". Here's an example of the code on the end here click here in this case its LX.AGS0X.015. There should be a sticker on the underneath with this number, but I can't find any listings on acers website. I did find under tech specs though that bluetooth is a manufacturing option. If you think you have been sold the wrong model, then contact the retailer you got it from

  cdb 00:49 15 Jul 2007

Jake_027 The link you provided is theone I bought.

It does have a bluetooth button on the side of the keyboard, but just says no device when pressed, so it's abit confusing as to wether it has it or not, but I assume not.

Maybe PCA should put a disclaimer saying PCs come in different specs, so if you order one reviewed, don't expect to get the same spec. :-S

  Technotiger 08:44 15 Jul 2007

My pc is Bluetooth capable, but of course nothing shows up until you plug in a Bluetooth device, such as a Mobile Phone .... if you are not connecting any Bluetooth device perhaps that is why you are getting 'no device' messages.

  Technotiger 08:48 15 Jul 2007

Oops - in place of Mobile Phone ... read - Bluetooth Adapter. The phone of course is not a physical connection.

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