How Do I Switch This Laptop On?

  s99Raj 08:03 16 Aug 2003

A friend has a laptop Compaq Contura 410CX, which, she says, she switched off in an "abnormal" way. Apparently you're meant to switch it off using Ctrl-Alt and the power button. She just held down Ctrl-Alt and it switched off and now won't switch on again.

The only light that comes on is the "Battery Charging" light. Pressing or holding down the power button does nothing. No noise is heard at all. The "Battery Charging" light goes out until I let go of the power switch. I've tried pressing all sorts of other buttons in different combinations. Does anyone know better?


  Forum Editor 08:20 16 Aug 2003

but there is a company that specialises in repairing Compaq laptops - including this one. They'll know, and unless someone comes up with the answer it might be worth giving them a ring:

TechnoMart Ltd

020 8863 2225

  wee eddie 19:52 16 Aug 2003

The battery is trying to charge.

You press the On Switch and the laptop tries to draw power from the battery, but there is no power there. The light goes out.

Possibilities:- Faulty battery, faulty switch-gear, failed transformer.

  wiznyme 19:57 16 Aug 2003

Plug into the mains, remove battery then pull mains power connection from the back of the laptop.

Wait at least 10 seconds then re-insert mains connection, don't bother with battery just now.

Try booting up.

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