How do I switch off from Internet.

  prince midas 11:10 30 Oct 2008

I am trying to get my friends new laptop to work but am having trouble in disconnecting it from the Internet.

It is a Toshiba with 17 in monitor and Vista on wireless.I cannot see a connection icon on the screen. I am used to XP with modem which shows a little icon but on this model laptop it automaticaly loads on to the internet and certain programs need to be installed when not on the internet.Help please.

  rawprawn 11:18 30 Oct 2008

Right click on the icon and chose "Disconnect from" or there is usually a switch on the front right hand side of a laptop for internet connection, turn it off,

  Taff™ 11:19 30 Oct 2008

Start, then Connect To, then disconnect from the connection.

  ventanas 11:19 30 Oct 2008

Why do porgrams have to be installed without an internet connection? It shouldn't make a bit of difference. But if you must why not just move the sliding wireless switch on the side of the case to off.
The connection icon by the way is two small blue monitors with three tiny blue balls and it sits in the Notification Area.

  birdface 11:42 30 Oct 2008

If I/E. File.Work ofline.

  Rahere 11:50 30 Oct 2008

prince midas - apologies as I could be missing the point here but can't you just remove the network/connection cable??

Ventanas - I notice some programs need a connection when installing - spybot S&D seems to require it even when you have downloaded the install program. Others seem to phone home I assume either to register program check for updates.

  prince midas 14:36 31 Oct 2008

I found a switch on front panel to swith off the wireless connection,thanks guys.

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