How do I stop a redirection?

  Rebound 18:07 26 Nov 2006

If I type click here into IE6 to get to one of my email accounts, I am now redirected to, which therefore prevents me getting to talk21. This is after an install of bt yahoo browser.
Does anyone know how to stop thi srediection, short of me trying to unsintall the bt browser?

  crosstrainer 18:13 26 Nov 2006

Is this a web based email account?

  VoG II 18:15 26 Nov 2006

"FOR TALK21 USERS ONLY. When your account was transferred to BT Yahoo Mail..."

click here

  Rebound 18:39 26 Nov 2006

Yes - its web based on
It's only when I installed bt yahoo broadband browser that the problem arose.
I can't actually get a web page up for, that's why a can't reach even the talk21 login page.
Any ideas pls?

  VoG II 18:41 26 Nov 2006

What happens if you enter your e-mail address and password (in lower case) on the BT sign-in page?

  skidzy 19:03 26 Nov 2006

I also get redirected to click here
when clicking your link,and thats in Firefox and IE7 Rebound.

  skidzy 19:05 26 Nov 2006

Some interesting reading Rebound click here

  Rebound 20:15 26 Nov 2006

I have used Talk21 for years ith no problems. I can login on Talk21 on my pc at work, so the account is OK. But since installing bt yahoo browser I don't get a login page - its automatic.
If I logout I then get a login window but its restricted to login addresses which still only allows email accounts.
It must be the browser thats redirecting.

  VoG II 20:20 26 Nov 2006

We all get redirected to the same page. What happens if you enter your details there?

  skidzy 20:40 26 Nov 2006

Ive tried 3 browsers now Opera/Firefox/IE7 and all take me to the page you mention click here

I do not know how you can access the required page from work.

I do not have anything from Yahoo on my system,well not to my knowledge.

  Rebound 21:02 26 Nov 2006

skidzy, link you give just gives me a blank page.

I have now tried on my other desktop which now has bt yahoo browser added. It also auto logs in on my btinternet homepage & mail, but if I logout I then get a standard bt login window where I can login with my talk21 account address. I know I have to logout of bt first, but at least I can get to talk21 on that.
But on my main machine - I just can't get to talk21 account!!

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