How do I stop Photo's apearing on emails

  longjohn75 17:49 16 Mar 2007

I use Outlook Express when I send an attachment
the photo appears on the email with the text
how can I stop it Longjohn75.

  eedcam 18:04 16 Mar 2007

In the actual message box go to format and untick include pictures in message

  longjohn75 18:22 16 Mar 2007

eedcam, sory it was unticked so I just tried it both ways no help.

  Wak 19:08 16 Mar 2007

change the pictures into ZIP files before attaching them and they should not appear in the E-mail.

  longjohn75 19:30 16 Mar 2007

Wak, I do not use zip as my freinds have had trouble opening them. thank you.

  eedcam 19:36 16 Mar 2007

Thought that was too easy even unticking in the Send tab dont stop it

  longjohn75 19:57 16 Mar 2007

eecam, thanks all thee same,I changed my puter a year ago the other one with Outlook Express used to just put the paper clip but did not put the pic on the email, what you sugested seemed to be
right but is not.

  MAJ 20:00 16 Mar 2007

Try sending in Plain Text, rather than HTML.

  longjohn75 20:17 16 Mar 2007

eedcam, Thanks all the same it looked just the thing at first

  eedcam 22:41 16 Mar 2007

Longjohn I had the solution to this some years back it involved going into the registry I got the answer on M/soft website posted by some guyfunnily enough at that time I had rang M/soft and they came back to me with no useful advice.

  lotvic 23:10 16 Mar 2007

blatant copy & paste from the last post in thread on click here

""The proper way to stop the images showing in the body of the email involves editing the register so if you're brave enough to have a go at it back the register up 1st.

The solution, below is copied and pasted from.

click here

When I receive an email containing image attachments they are all shown at the bottom. How can I prevent them from showing?

Outlook express inserts the attached images in the body of email messages in HTML format. It does so for your convenience. If you want to override this behavior, run regedit.exe, find a key like

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{GUID}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0
where {GUID} is a unique alpha-numerical string corresponding to your identity.

Set the DWORD value for "Automatically Inline Images" to 0. Feel free to create it if it is not there. ""

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