How do I stop Netsearch imposing itself?

  waah 20:16 28 Apr 2004

A item called netsearch has been making itself my homepage, putting undesirable icons on my desktop and adding favourites.

I have run Ad-Aware which detects and will delete but it comes back again.

Can anyone advise how to stop this annoying pest and intruder once and for all?

  machoe 20:23 28 Apr 2004

Hi, I think it is a virus, because that kind of thing happened to me and I got it off. If you don't get it off go to click here. This is a website were you will ask problems which is better than a forum. To be able to ask questions you need to sign in.

  dez fowler 20:29 28 Apr 2004

You need to kill the netsearch process before you use ad-aware to remove it. Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and go to processes. Check the items in this list here click here and end the netsearch one

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