How do I stop messages being repeated in BT B.B ?

  Furkin 17:50 22 Mar 2006

Hi, I use the Add Mail Accounts to my BT B.B account.
When I click on either of the pop accounts, the B.B filters them through to the B.B Mail Page.
My problem is:- How do I stop the incoming messages from being re sent !
Eg: in the morning I do a sweep of the pop accounts. I keep the messages that I want,,, & delete the rest. At lunchtime, I do a re sweep,, but get all the same messages again & again,,, sometimes going back for days.
Even though I have deleted them from the BT B.B Mail page,,, they keep coming back - grrrr.
I'm sure that I just have to tick a box somewhere,,, but where ?
Thanks for reading this.

  johnnyrocker 21:30 22 Mar 2006

somewhere in the properties of the accounts there may be atick in 'leave a copy of messsage on server' which might explain your issue


  Furkin 22:09 22 Mar 2006

thanks johnny,
sounds feasable - will look & get back

  Furkin 09:47 23 Mar 2006

Thanks again Johnny, I awoke to 187 repeated messages from over the past few days !!! I eventually found what I think you mention. I repeat it here in case anyone else is watching this.
When in O.Express click on tools > accounts. Double click on account in question, which brings up properties > advanced. At the bottom there is the phrase “Leave a copy of messages on server” which in my case was Ticked. You get the option of: 1/ leaving items on the server for an amount of days,,,, or 2/ deleting from server when clicking Delete.
I have just done all this on all my accounts & am about to try it.
Will let you know the outcome soon.
Thanx again

  Furkin 11:55 23 Mar 2006

Unfortunately, that didn't work !
It may be that I have to do the same with BT B.B its-self,,,, but I can't find the same box to un tick - any ideas out there please ?
thanks again

  terryf 12:04 23 Mar 2006

Try BT BB webmail, according to the bt bb site BT Yahoo customers can access their email via the webmail service.

* Go to
* Enter your username (e.g. [email protected]) and password
* From under the heading "BT Yahoo! Mail Preview", select "Inbox"

You might be able to find out something there or at least delete some of the messages that you already have. You may also find a load of spam, if it is anything like some other ISPs, they block spam on the webmail site but you have to delete it (because a message may not be spam)

  p;3 12:21 23 Mar 2006

this link

click here

should take you to the BTYahoo sign in page where you need to enter correctly your e mail address and password to access your mails on server; you will need to find the mail tab (rather small icon) at the top right of the page and click on it to find all your mails on server, including the bulk mail tab; if you have more than one bt address you will need to log out of each one and resign into each one sign in each one separately to check each server; see what is on each one; also; you may find using mailwasher

from click here useful for multiple addresses

  Furkin 09:54 25 Mar 2006

p;3 & terryf: Thanks. The problem wasn't 'getting' the messages,,,,, the problem was getting lots of copies of same messages ! I have managed to stop them through unticking the 'leave message on server' (thanks johnny) on the O.Express accounts - which has given me another problem ???
I can't get a couple of them to work on my new HDD. I have about 10 accounts with Supanet & V21. On my old HDD (now slave) they all work well. I have spent several days inputting the correct (?) information; servers / connections etc etc etc. I must have done this a hundred times,,, I am 100% certain that I am using the exact same info' on new HDD as old one.
(for some reason I can't import/export account details from one to the other ?)
Any ideas please ?
thanks for reading

  p;3 23:49 20 May 2006

is this sorted yet or do you still have a problem with it?

  Furkin 10:40 21 May 2006

Thanks P;3, I have 99% sorted it, but since then I have 'upgraded' (!!) my B.T B.Band, which has given me a couple more niggly problems. For eg, I had to alter all my POP accounts, which BT assured me I had to do when I first had B.B (in fact I never had to touch anything in O.Express POP's previously !)
I still get the odd repeated message, but it's liveable with !!
I can also now access my V21 & Supanet accounts from my BT. BB.
Am not quite as content as I was a couple of months ago,,,,, but well enough to carry on !
I will tick this as resolved
Thanks to you all for reading this.

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