How do I stop getting junk mail?

  billsvid 21:12 24 Apr 2003

I am constantly getting junk mail from the same few American web sites. I have added them to my block list but I am still getting them. e.g. it will start 1975dealfinder, but next time it will come up as 1814dealfinder. I am getting about 25 a day and it is driving me mad! I am with BT Internet running windows 98 with Outlook express. Please can anyone help.
Kind regards

  Legolas 21:22 24 Apr 2003

Download the free version of mailwasher. This program allows you to see what emails or on the server before you download them to your inbox you can then choose to bounce the emails back to the sender so that eventually they give up trying to contact you. I have been using it for about a month and now a lot of the spam I get being sent on the server say "where have you been we are trying to contact you" so this proves that their emails are not getting through to me. But there is really no easy way to stop spam. click here

  beeuuem 21:24 24 Apr 2003

Mailwasher is recommended by many on this site
click here

  beeuuem 21:27 24 Apr 2003

This link will take you directly to the downloadclick here on the above site

  The PC Doctor 21:38 24 Apr 2003

I got so sick of SPAM that I started running my own E-Mail server - now I don't get any SPAM at all.

The way my server does it is to check to see if the sender is a valid E-Mail address. If it isn't it doesn't get through if it is then it does get delivered.

A great pity all the ISP's don't do this kind of checking then SPAM would be stamped out. It’s a great pity AOL have decided to do what they are doing but then that’s AOL!

One of the problems with 'bouncing' mail back to the sender is that as often as not, the sender doesn't exist! These people use fictitious E-Mail addresses so that they can't be traced. If you look at the message source all you can see is the mail router they bounce their Junk mail through. The other problem of course is that if you 'bounce' their E-Mails then they know you exist!

I’m not going to advertise my E-mail server here but if you are interested in SPAM free mail then PM me.

  billsvid 21:51 24 Apr 2003

Thanks go to beeuuem and pc Doctor for your help,
PC Doctor Im new at this what is PM? ok ok Im new
don't laugh too loud.

  rins36 22:05 24 Apr 2003


PM is personal message........not sure how to do it on this site though, used it on Yahoo etc

  The PC Doctor 22:07 24 Apr 2003

Sorry - my term for using the little yellow envelope to the left of my handle.

It doesn't send a Private Message but it does fire off an E-Mail.....

  VoG™ 22:09 24 Apr 2003

To send a PM click on the envelope next to the persons's name.

Use this facility sparingly, preferably only when invited to. Generally speaking it is better to respond by posting to your own thread with a message like "Hey VoG , I tried that and no joy. What next?" or similar.

  rins36 23:12 24 Apr 2003

The PC Doctor

I will do as VoG say's and ask how u did whtever as i am not prepared to give out my e-mail address to anyone that i do not know

  fitshase 23:32 24 Apr 2003

If you are just wanting to stop the e-mails from Dealfinder, why not set up a message rule in Outlook Express:-

- Go to tools\message rules\mail...

- Under "Select the conditions for your rule", check the box next to "Where the From eine contains people".

- Under "Select the actions for your rule", check the box next to "Delete it".

- Under "Rule Description" click on the "contains people" (underlined in blue)

- Type in "dealfinder" (without the "")

- Click Add

- Click OK

- Under "Name of Rule", type in a name

- Click OK

That should work.



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