How do I speed up my PC when Video Editing?

  The Dazman 19:30 20 Sep 2006

I do lots of video editing, but it has got to the point that when I do this my PC grinds to a halt and takes an age to follow up on the most simple commands. In the past I have used my PC very successfully for video editing but over time it has become too slow to bear!

My PC is a:
Pentium 4 1.8Ghz
64MB nVidia GeForce2 MX/MMX400 Video Card
512 RAM
Two Hard disks - one with 20% space free with video programme on (Pinnacle 9) and one with video AVI files on with 80% space free.

I have defragmented all disks in the last few days but no improvement is apparent.

Do you have any suggestions on how to speed up and why it has got progressively slower over time? Also any hints on components I could add to help? Thank you!

  STREETWORK 19:33 20 Sep 2006

More memory...

Save onto second hard drive...

Maybe upgrade grahpics card...

But, definately more memory...

  Jak_1 20:17 20 Sep 2006

Upgrade both the graphics card amd the memory, 64MB for the graphics card is way to low, 256MB would make a big difference. Taking the ram up to 1GB would also help.

  The Dazman 22:33 20 Sep 2006

Thanks for the speedy response - much appreciated. A couple more points...

How come it ran fine when I first used it a few years ago (I made a 90min video) when it had just 256MB RAM? Now it has 512MB and is v.slow!

Secondly, given I only have 2 RAM slots (and 2 memory cards in them) I will have to buy 2 x 512MB to improve the RAM plus the cost of a graphics card. Am I better just to buy a new PC, and if so what would be a sensible spec to look for, particular with regard the processor?

Thanks again for the contributions.

The Dazman

  sean-278262 23:22 20 Sep 2006

Personally with a spec like that and expecting video encoding I would go for a new system. It is clear you are well able to upgrade so I would suggest maybe looking at taking your system appart and getting a new self build on the go.

Ideally I would get a dual core system with 1gb of ram and something of 6600GT or similar in the graphics department.

You make no mention of how much hard drive space you have but consider maybe setting the 2 you have now in a raid configuration and then getting another drive for storage. ie put windows and the most important apps on the raid drives and do all encoding to that and then store the files on the back up drive. That would greatly improve overall speed if teamed with the other parts.

However it all depends on budget but if you were considering upgrading and plan to encode video more often then buying a decent specification will certainly help.

The best option is to minimise the bottlenecks in your computer system so a bit more now means you wont in 12months face the same problems you have now and have to pay more to get decent levels of performance.

As for the comment about it being much slower have you considered taking out the ram you installed and seeing if the ram is not working well matched together. I got a 1gb stick for my laptop and hoped to use a 256 that it had in already but they didnt do as well so I am rather than using 1.25 and running slower using just 1gb.

Hope that helps.


  gudgulf 23:46 20 Sep 2006

You have perhaps over time added to and updated/upgraded the programs you are running on your pc?

What tends to happen is that things such as antivirus can start adding more and more processes and need more memory as they evolve into the latest version.

Many other programs do the same.

What that means to you is you might have many things demanding both RAM and cpu time whilst you are encoding video.... both of which are limited by todays standards that might be causing your slowdown.

Have a look in TaskManager (rt click the taskbar to find it) to see how many runing processes you have and the memory(commit charge) usage.

What antivirus/antispyware programs are you using....some of them can cause slowdowns.

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