How do I solve a non booting pc?

  kidsarocker 20:55 30 Jul 2012

Hello, a few weeks ago, my PC flashed a blue screen then started to reboot itself but it froze. I opened my PC (after hearing beeps)and after disconecting hardware 1 by 1, I noticed the beeps only came when I connected my primnary SATA I hard drive.

So I went out to buy a new one and connected the drive. Turned on the pc and it wil not boot, nothing coming on screen, All connections are secure, the PSu powers up, fans whirring yet nothing else, I cannot acess BIOS

Getting a little frustrated, please help

MOBO - XFX nForce 650i ULTRA, CPU - Intel Core Duo 2ghz, RAM - 3 gb DDR2 RAM

  lotvic 21:50 30 Jul 2012

With the Harddrive disconnected and taken out, does it still not show anything on screen at all? You should be able to access bios without a harddrive connected.

What were the beeps? the sequences of beeps help to diagnose what might be wrong.

Do you know model of motherboard and which bios it is? ClickHere for some common beep codes

  birdface 21:51 30 Jul 2012

If you can remember how many bleeps this may help.

Try another monitor or T/V see if that helps.

  woodchip 21:54 30 Jul 2012

one beep normal, any more can be memory or graphics card problem

  birdface 21:55 30 Jul 2012

Just wondering if it could be anything to do with your graphics card.maybe take it out and use the on board graphics.Some computers can and some can't.

Only guessing on my part so maybe best waiting for proper advice.

Is it an oldish computer and was it loosing the time or date on it.if so a new CMOS battery may help.

  woodchip 21:57 30 Jul 2012

PS just swapping bits without any now how on PC's it just a wast of time and money. I suggest you reconnect the Hard Drive and try to find the Problem. It will not boot with a new drive anyway as nothing on it and it may need different Sata Drivers loading

  kidsarocker 22:25 30 Jul 2012

lotvic, the beeps only happen when I install my original primary, with it not connected - no beeps. motherboard is XFX nForce 650i ULTRA 775 socket

Buteman - I use my TV as my monitor,it is in working condition, I disconnected everything except CPU & RAM -no beeps, beeps only came when I connected my primary HDD which seemed to me that this was the culprit, purchased a new one, stil nothing except the fans, DVD rom ejectable. My PCX is 4 years old. do you know where the CMOS battery is located on my mobo (XFX nDForce 650i ULTRA), I cant see it :(

Woodchip - I dont even get 1 beep when powering on, I only get a continuation of beeps when I reconnect my HDD, no beeps when i have conected my new one. I need access to my BIOS to alter settings to boot from DVDROM because (pardon me if this is a stupid question) Im not sure how you can load Sata drivers without the PC on and booting from DVD?

  woodchip 22:55 30 Jul 2012

you may be able to load drivers from a usb stick

  woodchip 22:58 30 Jul 2012

if you get no beep without drive then ins more than the drive that's the problem as one beep tells you that all 5 volt lines are ok on hardware

  rdave13 23:08 30 Jul 2012

Have a look at this image. If same mobo then it looks to me as the cmos battery is on the middle right hand edge and looks as if it slots in vertically.

  lotvic 23:30 30 Jul 2012

Please answer With the Harddrive disconnected and taken out and only one stick of ram in does it show anything on screen at all?

Are you getting anything displayed on screen at all in the various scenarios you have described?

compare your beeps with this chart ClickHere

If it does go to POST and if you have the Phoenix-Award BIOS you have to press DEL to enter bios setup (page 26 of manual for 650i Ultra)

The bad news is - for the same motherboard - Found a few instances on internet of: "My CPU was just idling while I was browsing the net, next thing I know POOF computer shuts down and won't post BIOS no matter what I do to it"

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