HOW DO I Silence that noisy P.C. forever :)

  Wulfrune 13:54 02 Jul 2003

Apart from turn it off that is :)

I've acoustically lined the case, put in Quite PC's big fans, a Zalman flower (brilliant btw) North Bridge heat sink, Silent PSU, Placed the whole comupter in a submerged vat or concrete.....ok the last one's a lie. But I can STILL hear it, and it sounds like a drone of bees. So I thought that maybe I'd make myself an acoustic cabinet to help the problem (and I like making things) so have anyone ....
a) got any ideas that'll help?

b) Got any desighns for such a cabinet....

many thanks


  BrianW 13:59 02 Jul 2003

If you are really desperate have a look at some of the work that is being done on using recording and replaying sound 180 out of phase. The opposing sound waves cancel each other out - result, silence.

  Sir Radfordin 14:02 02 Jul 2003

You may like to have a look here: click here

  BrianW 14:05 02 Jul 2003

click here
here is a typical site to start you off.

  Legolas 14:07 02 Jul 2003

Rather than silence the PC why not look at the problem from a different angle and use a good quality set of ear plugs such as those used in industry.

The benefit of this is not only do you not hear the PC noise but you cannnot hear the wife moaning at you about the amount of time you are spending on the PC or the kids asking for money. Yes ear plugs are definately of all round benefit and should be considered...oh and they are cheap lol;)

  Kudu 14:18 02 Jul 2003

Did same as you and it was still noisy so removed graphics card fan and fitted Zaman silent heat pipe cooler which in turn is being cooled by intake fan.I can now hear flies passing wind.

  Psiman 16:50 02 Jul 2003

Which processor do you have, AMD or Intel?

  Wulfrune 18:06 02 Jul 2003

I'm using an amd 2.6

AND Legolas.....I'm forwarding your comments to you wife :)

Acoustic cabinet designs any one?

oh haven't read all the replies yet

:) Cheers WUlfrune

  Psiman 18:45 02 Jul 2003

As a committed AMD user, I can say to build a really quiet PC you have to use Intel processors, no argument. AMD processors are thermally inefficient compared to Intel.

The extra heat generated by AMD processors has to be dissipated some way and the by-product is cooling fan noise. Specialised cooling systems could help (i.e water cooling) but that's only for the competent user. (Regular internal inspection of your PC is essential)

  wee eddie 19:20 02 Jul 2003

the air enters your computer.

Reducing this temperature will increase the effectiveness of your cooling system dramatically.

If my 30yo knowledge stands me in good stead. The term geometric progression can be used when comparing the cooling effect of the passage of air and the temperature difference between the two mediums.

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