How do I sign on to boyfriends MSN Messenger ??

  rachel99 12:35 08 Sep 2007

I don't have my own computer, but use my boyfriends. I have my own Email account on there. I want to use his MSN service to chat to my friends.
But we seem to have a problem & cannot get me to have my own account on the MSN.
Can anyone advise on what I need to do to be able to use his MSN -with my own name & email address.

Do I need to go to the MSN sites and get myself an ID ?

Any help would be lovely
Rachel x

  Tim1964 12:39 08 Sep 2007

"Do I need to go to the MSN sites and get myself an ID ?"

Yes, you will than find that you just need to logout of one account and log back in with the other.

  Strawballs 12:41 08 Sep 2007

Create youself your own user account on his machine.

  rachel99 13:25 08 Sep 2007

Thnx Tim1964

So, if I go to the MSN sites (via Google or whatever), could you confirm how to get an ID.
Do I enter my own email address, or will it show my fellas - I think he said that has already happened.
Should giving them my email address ideally give me my OWN ID.
when you said about logging in & out of accounts - do you mean when we both have MSN chatting - so that if I'm on MSN, I'll be there with my name & clicking on my email address
thnx Rachel

  rachel99 13:28 08 Sep 2007

Thnx for advice,

but how do I "Create youself your own user account on his machine"

Is that by going onto a MSN website


  rachel99 13:31 08 Sep 2007

Thnx for advice, but,

how do I set up a hotmail account -
do I log on to hotmail/msn website & try there?
do I still keep my email address (it is NOT a hotmail one)?


  rachel99 14:11 08 Sep 2007

Thnx for advice - it worked :-)
but, (there has to be a but!)

on the MSN window when I'm signed in to chat, it shows My Display Name as my email address.
I ahve followed their instructions to change this to my name - Tools, Options, Personal, but I cannot change it. It is showing the box "Type your name as oithers see it" as greyed out, but with my email address inside it.

Any help on how to get past this, & put my name in there?

  rachel99 14:39 08 Sep 2007

I am signed in, but sadly it's still showing the same thing.

I have also signed out of MSN, & then gone back in again


  Strawballs 20:40 08 Sep 2007

If he is running XP go to control panel click on users and choose create a new account.

  2neat 07:33 09 Sep 2007

Just put your login/password in here click here No need to sign up to meebo & works on any computer without messing about.

  rachel99 19:18 10 Sep 2007

Just to say thanks for all the helpful advice I was given.
Everything is now sorted.
I had a reply from MSN - I had to confirm my email address as my Windows Live ID. Once I did that, I could then change the MSN Messenger display name.


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