How do I share my broadband between two desktop pc

  d1anacross 23:01 21 Sep 2004


I want to share my broadband connection with my daughters pc, were both using Windows XP, what do I need to buy? I dont want cables everywhere, do i need a router? and 2 x pci wireless network cards?

Any help would be appreciated


  Clint2 23:21 21 Sep 2004

This click here may help until the Broadband experts come on line.

  phredd 23:21 21 Sep 2004

If you want to share broadband you've already identified the solution. I use Belkin products to network two laptops - the broadband connection goes into the router and that transmits to each machine. I have one connected via RJ45 cable into the ethernet socket, the other via a wireless network card into the laptop PCMCIA. It works a dream without noticeable speed loss and installation was straightforward following the supplied instructions. Only thing to remember - disable any firewall, antivirus etc during installation - they can sometimes cause the operation to hang or fail. There are some good deals on wireless network products from suppliers like Watford, Dabs etc.

  d1anacross 23:29 21 Sep 2004

Thanks for answering, okay this may sound dumb, but if i've got 2 wireless pci cards, this should enable me to have a home network, so i can share files, printer, etc, gaming, so wont the internet be shared as well?, or do i need a router for this, I have a broadband modem from tiscali,

  LastChip 23:32 21 Sep 2004

How is the PC that is connected to broadband connected to the modem?

Do you want to be able to access the Internet INDIVIDUALLY, or will the connected machine always be on?

Are they laptops or desktops?

Are they physically close to each other?

There are many potential solutions to this question.

  Alf58 23:35 21 Sep 2004

If you have your two desktops networked all you have to do is run the Win Xp home and small office utility (on both machines) You tell it which Computer is linked directly to the internet and which one connects via another machine using it as a gateway. It should work out nice and easy. I got two laptops and two desktops they all connect to the internet via the main machine in the study. Win XP is really good at networking.

  d1anacross 23:44 21 Sep 2004


The connected pc is always on, but we may want to surf at the same time on different sites.


one upstairs and one down

  LastChip 00:02 22 Sep 2004

If your happy for the connected machine to be always on (when surfing) set up an ad-hock wireless network between the two machines and once the network is up and running correctly, initiate ICS - Internet Connection Sharing.

You will both have individual access to the net, but via the connected machine.

For an ad-hock network, you only need two wireless network cards, one for each machine. No routers, wireless access points or anything else!

Be aware however, there are security issues associated with wireless networks, particularly if they are left in the default state. It's just the same as broadcasting any radio wave unencrypted, anyone else can intercept the signal!

  d1anacross 08:14 22 Sep 2004

Thanks Everyone,

  d1anacross 08:15 22 Sep 2004

Thanks Everyone,

  Sapins 09:26 22 Sep 2004

Saved to my postings. Thank you all.

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