'How do I set two screens display?'

  richardkms 20:44 18 Jun 2006


I have been able to set my PB K5285 (NVidea) to use a double screen set up to veiw on my Phillips LCD at the same time. That was easy doing it through panel/display/settings/advance. At the same time with the LCD I was unable to do this with our Fujitsu Amilo D7820 using ATI Radeon 9000. When the additional monitor using the above settings was checked, it was said to be not available because it wouldn't support DDC.
It seems, after checking that Radeon 9000 will support DDC so how can I get around this?
If this is not able to be done, can I use the LCD as the default screen and not use the original fujitsu screen at all? How could this be acheived if it is possible?

  keef66 10:23 19 Jun 2006

I have a Dell latitude D600 at work and it too has radeon 9000 graphics. the options seem to suggest it could be set up to extend the desktop to 2 monitors, but I can't try it at work. Might have a fiddle with it at home tonight just out of curiosity

  Woolwell 10:45 19 Jun 2006

I haven't got an Amilo D7820 but most laptops have the ability to control the display output through the display settings (right click on desktop), through accessing display output settings by clicking on the graphics icon in the system tray or by using one of the function keys.
When using an external monitor (or projector) you can usually set it up to display to monitor only or laptop and monitor (often called clone) whereby you see the same on the laptop as on the monitor. This is often mistaken for dual screen which not all laptops have. With dual screen you can have a separate display on the monitor.
Under display properties settings you should be able to see if it will recognise the external monitor as a separate display and you can decide which will be the main display and which is secondary.

Hope that this helps.

  keef66 11:18 19 Jun 2006

couldn't contain my curiosity. Started the laptop using it's own screen. Connected it to the desktop monitor using vga cable. (there's no dvi connector on the laptop) Didn't work at first but realised the desktop monitor also still attached to docking station via dvi cable. Unplugged that and the second monitor sprang to life.

R click on desktop, properties, settings.
Under Display it says '(multiple monitors)on Mobility Radeon 9000'.
Click on 2nd monitor icon and set screen resolution etc, then tick the box saying 'extend my windows desktop onto this monitor' and click the 'apply' button.

All goes dark for a second then both screens light up.

Extremely surreal dragging things from one screen to the next, or stretching a document till it fills both screens. Very handy for comparing 2 documents side by side without lots of scrolling!

  richardkms 12:29 19 Jun 2006

Because of this fact I tried another D7820 which also refused to work! So a broken Philips LCD and broken D7820 were eliminated!
When the same settings were tried there was on thing - the D7820's both used the philips as a No1 screen and the No2 screen(shaded in settings) showed as the default monitor
When the screens were reversed the D7820 worked as the second half of screen (causing me to reboot since the main screen and settings couldn't be seen!! So the 'extend screen seting' worked as well.How can I set all of this to default to start again? I've gone into hardware drivers and seen Display adaptors as Mobility Radeon and Monitors as Philips. How can these be removed?

  richardkms 12:42 19 Jun 2006

I have just compared the PBell drivers in hardware/drivers with the D7820.
The difference is that the pbell has a plug and play Microsoft driver. Is this needed with the D7820? When the monitor in Display/settings/advanced/display is looked at it says that it isn't compatible since there is no DDC?
Any connection with the two?

  keef66 13:36 19 Jun 2006

my monitor driver appears to be an MS win XP publisher driver dated 2001.

If you remove the Philips monotor in device manager, presumably plug & play will detect it again and install the drivers?

I had the laptop screen as no.1 (primary)and the (dell) desktop monitor as no.2 (secondary)

  richardkms 14:42 19 Jun 2006

set to No1 screen. How can I swap them. When I removed the drivers for the monitors, the boot up left the laptop as the extra screen - I had to disconnect the LCD (which then displayed 'check connection') and re boot. So how can I swap them? This seems to be a big hurdle at the moment

  woodchip 14:48 19 Jun 2006

Confused hear, I open a E-Mail and directed to another thread on this subject. Post to thread then see this one. How can one help under these situations. It's bad enough at 70

  richardkms 15:05 19 Jun 2006

I see what you mean - I inadvertantly pressed the wrong button a while back and opened up two sets of this question!
I'm still lost though! I seem to now have monitor drivers re installing theirselves and cant stop a Philips one either a boot up.

  SailCrazy 22:12 30 Jun 2006

Does anyone know if Dell laptops (specifically the E1505) are dual screen capable? I'm thinking of buying one w/ an additional external monitor assuming I can use dual screen - not clone.

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