how do i set up a spare wireless rouyer as a bridg

  wobblymike 23:48 04 Dec 2010

i am a subscriber to the new sky anytime plus. My PC connecte to the net wirelessly via the sky provided wireless router. I want to connect to the sky hd box wirelessly for using anytime plus and am looking to use an old 2 wire 975 wireless router as a bridge. I would be very grateful if someone could advise me how to do this or offer any other suggestion how I cam accomplish this

  rawprawn 07:49 05 Dec 2010

See if this helps
click here

  wobblymike 19:21 05 Dec 2010

thanks i have carried out this process but it still does not work - this is what i have done
configured my spare router into bridge mode
connected this bridge to my adsl wireless router via ethernet cable
rebooted both routers
connected bridge to sky hd box

no broadband connection detecterd

can anyone tell me what i am missing

  ashleycardwell94 19:51 05 Dec 2010

can you explain again. use a list to show the connections

  wobblymike 20:14 05 Dec 2010

ok - I have a netgear adsl router supplied by sky which I use to connect to the internet wirelessly.

I have just activated sky anytime plus which requires a broadband connection - I used an ethernet cable as a temporary measure to get it working but need to connect wirelessly for a permanent fix.

I want to use my spare 2 wire 975 as a wireless bridge to achieve this this what I have done.

1. Connected my 2 wire to my laptop via ethernet and configured it as a wireless bridge at the conclusion of the process I lost communication with the 2 wire, I gather this is normal.

2. Connected 2 wire to my adsl router via ethernet cable and then rebooted both -

3. disconnected 2 wire from adsl router and connected it to sky hd box.

As far as I understand it this should wirelessly coonect from adsl router via 2 wire to sky hd box however nothing - I am missing something simple here I'm sure but at the moment I cant see what

  wobblymike 20:17 05 Dec 2010

beta I think posts crossed yes it does I have configured it iaw the instructions I received from 2 wire

  wobblymike 20:40 05 Dec 2010

tried that just now no joy

  wobblymike 21:02 05 Dec 2010

i have done that and cannot communicate with it as is is - in order to do so i have to reset it to factory state and then again go through the process of setting it into bridge mode at the end of which i lose communication with it however i understand this is normal -

  wobblymike 21:31 05 Dec 2010

dont have a manual these are the instructions i got from 2 wire

1. Browse to click here
2. Click on Configure under Broadband Link
3. Enter VPI 0 and VCI 35
4. Click on Disable PVC Search
5. Set Connection Type to Direct IP
6. Click Submit/Save
7. Click on Configure Services under Advanced
8. Uncheck Enable Routing
9. Click Submit

dont know how to verify whether i am getting an ip address can you give me some guidance

  wobblymike 18:41 06 Dec 2010

have a bit more info

decided to see what happened connecting the whole thing via ethernet cable

connected cable from adsl router to 2 wire bridge and another cable from 2 wire bridge to sky hd box - it worked fine.

removed cable between adsl router and 2 wire bridge - connectivity lost

works via cable not via wireless what do i have to do to make it work wirelessly? any help grtaefully received

  wobblymike 19:15 06 Dec 2010

it looks like I'll have to - I wanted to utilise my spare router and 2 wire told me that it could be used in bridge mode. Looks like it can't.

beta many thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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