How do I set up Linksys Wireless N Gigabit Router?

  cedric24 00:23 29 Nov 2007

After originally having got an ADSL router I finally have got the correct router.

I am on Virgin Media (package: old set top box with built in modem; telephone; broadband). Everyone reassured me that it would be straight forward...

I rang Virgin to get all the technical data. Then I rang Lynksys who talked me through everything. Then the internet worked on my PC (wired) but not on my laptop (wireless). Strangely it worked for about an hour on someone elses laptop (wireless). Then, trying to open explorer, we were both prompted on the NTL:home site (click here) to click start. Needed to enter PID and pass word. Did so but options were only 'logoff' 'add' 'rename' and 'remove' Computer name. This left me none the wiser. After doing that the whole thing crashed and I lost the internet connection even on the PC. Things got so bad that I had to use broadband installation CD to get internet explorer and outlook to work again.

Please is there any one out there who can help???

Many thanks.

  Strawballs 00:44 29 Nov 2007

Go into the routers setup page on the wired PC and in there somewhere there should be a clone mac address which will clone the mac address of the main pc so virgin will only see the address of the first PC that you were using.

  Kemistri 01:41 29 Nov 2007

Physical addresses (MACs) are not normally transmitted out, AFAIK. Bit easy for spoofing if they were. So your ISP should not know or care about the physical address of whichever client you happen to be using.

Your post is a bit unclear in parts with regard to exactly what went wrong and what actions you took. By "explorer" I assume you meant IE, not Explorer itself? Does either client have WAN access right now? Is NAT running OK in the router? Is MAC filtering (if activated) permitting both clients' MACs? What encryption are using (WPA/WPA2/etc.)?

I'll be able to respond again sometime tomorrow.

  Kemistri 01:42 29 Nov 2007

(By "transmitted out", I obviously mean outside of the LAN - they have to be transmitted within the LAN in each handshake).

  mgmcc 08:50 29 Nov 2007

<<<So your ISP should not know or care about the physical address of whichever client you happen to be using.>>>

The Cable Modem *DOES* record the MAC address of the network adapter or router which is connected to it (you can check this in its configuration pages). It then "associates" the IP address it allocates with that MAC address.

When swapping connections to a Cable Modem, from one computer to another or from a computer to a router, it is *ESSENTIAL* to power off the Cable Modem for several minutes so that it loses the "association". When powered on, it recognises a new connection with different MAC address and allocates a different IP address.

  Kemistri 13:47 29 Nov 2007

Sorry; I thought the OP was talking about DSL, not cable.

  cedric24 19:11 29 Nov 2007

Thanks for your advice(s). All sorted up and running!

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