How do I set up connection to wi fi on boat marina

  ruskle 21:36 23 Aug 2005

I have a Wi Fi equiped laptop which I use to connect to my own Wi Fi network soley for my own use. I will be berthing a boat for a few days on a Marina (GB) which I believe has a commercial Wi Fi connection point. I am not yet sure which provider operates it until I arrive (Oct) How do I go about using the service? Do I need any special software? Where do I obtain a password? I understand I have to pay for the service, how do I pay? Will answers to the above also be applicable to othet sites, ie Motorway services etc? I will be returning periodically to the marina, and hopefully find other such equiped marinas around the coast of Britain.
Thanks Russell.

  dan11 21:46 23 Aug 2005

Type the name of the marina + WiFi into google. This should bring up the details, like this one for Hartlepool. click here

This should give you the rates and details of where to apply. They should then give you a password key, when you have paid.

Just right click on the WiFi icon in the system tray. View available wireless networks. Pick the network and enter the password key and away you go.

You should not need any special software.

Bon voyage.:-)

  Dipso 21:50 23 Aug 2005

Is the marina listed click here If it is you can find out which provider it is and how much they charge. You shouldn't need any special software but it's best to check each providers web site for exact info.

With regard to other locations, it depends on the provider. BT Openzone operate a lot of sites around the UK click here

  wjrt 22:48 23 Aug 2005

was in Largs Yacht Haven last month ISP was Sqare Mile and was operating an introductory service free until next year. Centrino 2mhz 1gb ram ati mobile radeon 9700pro auto connection but using inbuilt card and aerial reception slow and distance from pickup aerial poor reckon about 600 yards and aerial height prob about 50 feet,. resident guru said Square Mile did not guarantee acces withou external aerial on pcmia card. hope this helps.

  woodchip 22:51 23 Aug 2005

You need the SSID and Password

  ruskle 22:01 25 Aug 2005

Thanks to all who replied,, did as you suggest,google, No luck at Douglas but a McDonalds at Fleetwood has hotspot which covers the area.. we are there long enough to have a play, only taking on fuel.

Cheers Russell

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